12 Best Smart Home Devices & Technologies for Home Automation

By: | September 28 , 2022
smart home devices & technologies for home

Who wouldn’t want someone
At their beck and call
While you sit pretty
In a hall
Big or small
And just at one whisper
From you, fooo….
The amazon echo
Makes all your calls..

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1 . Amazon Echo

amazon echo

This is a brilliant invention with the famous Alexa who responds to your voice or invocation for it to give you your favorite song. It is Wi-Fi enabled. It will even make phone calls for you and let you answer them. It is well mated with various devices around your house like Phillips Hue or Samsung smart things. It can control almost any app including Uber, Dominos or Amazon etc. For e.g “Alexa, hunt me out a Chinese restaurant.” Or “Alexa set me a timer for 20 minutes.” This is artificial intelligence in its nascent state. Not self aware yet, that could be dangerous right?

2. Echo Show

echo show

Smart display with Alexa again. This is a video component added to your voice system with the Amazon echo. This is for video calls to play video clips from YouTube and Amazon prime Video. It can be connected to other devices including your CCTV in the house. For example; Peeking at your sleeping baby in his cradle or check your friend entrance CCTV camera at a command. This particular model in the picture has 8 microphones and noise cancellation so you can ask questions wherever you are o the room.

3. B.S. Display with Google Assistant


Lenovo 10 inch smart display. This has an inbuilt Google assistant which helps you see an article on the internet which you might want to read. In your kitchen it can be very handy making you go through recipes step by step. Also around your house, setting, resetting temperature controls with compatible thermostat or connect it with smart home camera.

4. B.S Display for Music: JBL link view

b.s display for music JBL link view

JBL has a pact with Google to make this hub. This is a digital machine and has a high quality speaker. Touch screen display is there. It’s one-in-all. It will not only give you the best sound quality music you ask for but also connects with smart devices in your home and vibes with your thermostat. Video call with another Google Duo and control the lights. It is also splash proof so it is also good in the kitchen. You can play videos of your choice; watch your TV shows on the HD server.

5. Best Smart Home Security Camera-nest Cam

best smart home security camera

This is a Wi-Fi controlled camera which works with Amazon’s Alexa. It films in 1080p (HD) and can ward off intruders and protect you from thieves. It has a sharp night-vision, has an audio for yelling at burglars and a digital zoom. It can integrate with a Protect Smart carbon monoxide detector.

6. B.S.H Security System

b.s.h security system

This is an easy to install DIY system that allows a lot of flexibility at a decent price. It ties up well with Alexa, Google home, Nest etc. It comes with a central hub, a motion detector, a door/window sensor and a remote key chain fob. The pricing is lower than the other contemporary security systems.

7. Nest learning Thermostat

nest learning thermostat

It is designed to optimize the heating and cooling stem of your home. The nest L.T. not just adjusts your home temperature but adapts to your personal habits and preferences. Depending on your habitual requirements the thermostat starts to adjust and starts doing things you prefer on its own. For e.g; turning the heat down at night if you have been doing it everyday. It may turn on the heat in the morning as you were doing on your own before. It can also be controlled by your smart phone including usage reports to show when and how you are consuming energy. This is better than any other thermostats you can think of.

8. Next best thermostat –Eco Bee3

eco bee3

This will cost you half the price of the Nest thermostat. It will reduce your monthly heating and cooling cost by 23%. The temperature can be adjusted using an Iphone or an android device. It has a touch screen display for fixing your current temperature and a vertical slider for manual adjustments. It has a cooling snowflake icon and for heating, a flame icon. Other icons are also available. It can control your dehumidifier, humidifier and ventilation devices. It will offer alerts when maintencence is required, which device needs replacement or temperature is too high or low. The installation is simple. Time required to set up is 50 minutes.

9. B.S Light System-Phillips Hue

b.s light system phillips hue

For a reasonable price you get this hub and three smart bulbs. But you can connect up to 50 bulbs to a hub with the app, single bulbs with tap switches and light strips, the lighting possibilities are mind boggling. You can line them up for parties or for Diwali and adjust their brightness, change their colors, set a timer and create “colorscapes”. It can be controlled by a phone (IOS and android). It’s like an all in one smart lighting solution.

10. Best Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector-Nest protect

best smart smoke carbon monoxide detector

This is a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector from nest protect. It will tell you in its voice when it detects some smoke due to a short circuit or a child looking for his dolls under the bed with his little busy candle and guess what happens there’s fire and smoke. The child starts to howl and the smoke detector does its job. Save the child and save the house! A carbon monoxide leak is also alerted by voice. It even tells your phone so you can turn off the alarm from your home. It also performs routine self tests to prepare for emergency situations. It works well in association with Cam and learning thermostat. For example; If a thermostat turns off the excess heat being generated somewhere and if a carbon monoxide leak has been detected by the detector. Cam can be used to capture video in an emergency. They work together like a huge workaholic team.

11. Best Smart Home Hub-Samsung Smart Things

best smart home hub samsung-smart-things

This is a very smart hub. An all-in-one gadget. It connects to your router. It is friendly with products like ZigBee, 2 way Bluetooth. I’ll tell you what all it can do vis a vis this amazing connectivity. It can turn on lights when you reach home. It can lock doors when you leave. It can alert you when a device is open or sound an alarm on a haphazard burglar who has just walked in. The possibilities are near infinite.

12. Best Smart Plug- Idevices Switch.

best smart plug idevicess witch

This is a very interesting switch. It can turn any electronic appliance into a smart device. Plug the switch into an existing electrical outlet on your wall. You can then remotely control and monitor all plugpoints from your mobile using it’s app. Also through Alexa and Google Assistant use it to turn off or on lights on your phone whenever you are away or there. You can even turn a light on as per need on a particular part of the day remotely.

So here was a minutely detailed study of a few smart devices for your comfort and safety . We hope this opened your mind a bit more to the wizardry and fun of technology . A fine move towards artificial intelligence…..The sky is the limit…..

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