What is Dichroic Glass?

By: | August 25 , 2022

Glass which has a multilayer coating on it and can transmit two or more colours is known as Dichroic glass. This glass changes the colour when viewed from different angles.

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The multilayer coating is placed on glass using a vacuum deposition process. Quartz and other metal oxides like silicon and titanium dioxide are vaporized with an electron beam gun in a vacuum chamber. The vapour that is formed floats upwards; it condenses and attaches itself to the surface of the glass to form deposits of crystal structure. The metal coatings that are formed are very stable coatings.

The characteristics of Dichroic Glass are-

  • Dichroic Glass has a different transmitted colour and a different reflective colour.The colour changes with the angle of light.
  • This glass is weather resistant and scratch resistant.
  • It is available in a variety of colours and surface options which make it an ideal palette for building facade design.

Dichroic glass creates a very bold aesthetic statement and its use is one of the emerging trends in the construction industry. It aesthetically combines the functionality of glass with the colour aesthetics. A very striking and attention seeking façade is created with Dichroic glass.

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