What are the uses of Kitchen Chimney?

By: | June 17 , 2022
Uses of Kitchen Chimney

Chimneys help in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. It is a permanent solution if you are troubled with the oil and grease that settles on the walls of your cooking room. As you cook, the room often becomes a heat chamber. A hood also solves this problem of yours by eliminating the warmth. There are plenty of Kitchen chimney uses like these. Moreover, it makes your household look dazzling and allows fresh air to flow in the room. Know more about the uses that hoods have by reading this article.

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Learn how they work

If you think about the Purpose of chimneys in the kitchen, then first learn about how the hoods work. They are primarily used for ventilation. It collects and transports polluted air, leaving the indoor air clean and refreshed. A hood is a must-have item for anyone who enjoys cooking and entertaining guests at home with freshly prepared meals.

The model’s mechanism is very simple. Smoke and oil droplets are drawn into the vent during the cooking process.

A ducted or ductless model is available. There are a few differences in how these two systems operate. A ducted model comprises a hood, a motor, filters, hose/PVC pipes, and a complex ducting system. For the vents to be placed outside and incorporated into the concrete, appropriate piping is required. To ensure maximum ventilation, it is usually placed directly above the stove.

A ductless model is similar to a ducted one, except it has an additional carbon filter and does not have ducts. The polluted air is first routed through the primary filter, which removes the oil droplets. The air is then passed through a carbon filter, which removes odors, fumes, and humidity.

Here are the Chimney uses in the kitchen

Cooking and frying foods in oil, tadka, grilling, and more leave greasy and oily marks all over the cooking room. Furthermore, the cook is exposed to a lot of smoke while preparing food, which is harmful to their health. A hood could be useful in this situation. Modern models draw in smoke, pollution, and odors, as well as greasy particles. They not only keep the cooking room cleaner and safer, but they also keep the room cool by sucking heat away from the gas stove.

Typically, vents were built on the scientific principle that hot air rises, with long vertical models expelling the hot air outside. The air that passes through the chimney filters and absorbs heat, and the fine filters in the chimney trap particles. A kitchen chimney is a must-have in every home. They aid in cleaning and organizing the kitchen.

The chimney also adds to the overall themes and design of the kitchen and the house and keeps the kitchen odor-free. The hood’s greatest significant factor is keeping the room cool by absorbing hot air and steam from utensils. This keeps the steam from splashing into the cook’s face.

Know about the different types of this product

Since you know about the Electric chimney uses, you must be aware of the different types of models they have. Unlike any other appliance, the hoods also have several types in which they are categorized. While some are classified based on the filter it uses, some are based on the mounting type. The seven types that are available are as follows:

Wall Mounted

You can understand from the name that this type is installed on the wall. Being ideal for residential and commercial uses, these vents are available in 90 cm and 60 cm.

Corner Mount

The corner mount models are fitted in a corner and are ideal if you have less space in your kitchen. However, they are very stylish and have finishings that add aesthetics to your cooking room.

Island Mount

If you have a large kitchen and your cooking table is in the center of the room, you can install the island-mounted chimneys. They are hung from the ceiling above your cooktop.

Built-in Mount

If you have a modular cooking room setup, you can fix a built-in model. They are installed by fitting inside your cabinet or within the drawers above your cooktop.

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