The Ultimate Lighting Ideas for Room

By: | September 30 , 2022

It’s not the interiors or wall color, and furniture, but the illumination that adds a statement to a room. Whether it is a bedroom or a study room, if the lighting is not right, things can never really work out.

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However, it’s not as easy a task as it seems to be.

Which electric light is the best for you? Know here.

The sheer volume of luminance that is out there in the market is probably innumerable and choosing your ideal lights among so many, can be tough for you.

Sometimes you cannot even decide on which of the luminousness you want to have. To make it easy for you, we have brought certain classifications and tips that may help you choose it right.

  • Layer your electric lights right – No matter how cool they look or how much you have spent on them, if you do not know how to layer them right, your room might look something dull.
  • Figure out your purpose – Before you go ahead and purchase some lights, figure out why you are getting them and how it will be used. Whether you want a dimmer to calm your mind or a task light for the study, it varies from one person’s needs to the other.
  • Settle your priority – Know what you want to focus on with the lights. Is it the fancy ceiling decors that you want to show off? Or, the interiors? Or, the wall colors? Depending on that, you must choose the type of light you want for your room.

Factors to consider before getting the lights

There are certain essential factors that you must consider while choosing any light. They are:

The Brightness of The Light – The way you feel or behave is controlled by the illumination emitted by the light around you. So, having a balance between the amount of emission required and the amount provided is the key.

Color of The Light – Just like the brightness of the light, the intensity of the light affects individual human psychology as well. Suppose, if the color emitted is too stark like red and yellow, it might change your vision or give you a headache.

On the other side, colors like white and blue soothe your senses and help your mind to calm down.

The Distance of The Light – Settling on the distance between you and your lights is the most crucial thing to decide ever.

If you fix the light too far, it might just fade away in the room or, if it is too near, then probably it might strike your senses. So, settle at a point where everything remains balanced.

Types of lights to check out:

  • Hanging lights
  • Wall lights

Havells Lights

Havells Stylo Upto 14 W Retrofit CFL (B22)

Havells has brought you a wide selection of lights for your home. Going by the technology, and the design, they excel in both and devotes everything to offer the customers with the best lighting solutions ever.

Havells have changed the idea that says everything comes at a cost and has, in turn, promoted affordable lighting that consumes less comes with user-friendly mechanisms and looks good as well.

However, if you are thinking of getting lights for your living area or seating room that doesn’t look too much and saves the space, check out the Havells hanging lights. From traditional to modern, they cater to a wide variety of designs that would match every room’s vibe, be it a heavily decorated or a minimal one. But if you are someone who likes to keep it minimal and cleaning the hanging lights seem to be a fuss to you, then avail the Havells wall lights.

These lights are the best choice for bedrooms and give a diffused effect when switched on. Unlike hanging lamps, these aren’t too stark and consume quite less watts than the other ones.

Jaquar Lights

Havells Nimbus Upto 20 W CFL Green

Keeping in mind the highest standards of aesthetics and class, Jaquar has a history of serving people with world-class lighting solutions. From decorative pieces to minimal and simples ones, Jaquar has achieved superlative degrees with their impeccable service and top-notch product quality.

They have come up with a range of products, including LED Bulbs, Tubelights, Chandeliers, Landscape Lighting, or Track Lights. If you are quite passionate about ceiling decors and want to keep them in focus, then going for the Jaquar hanging lights is probably the best idea. The category ranges from conventional designs to the contemporary ones. It is intended to fit in every room, no matter what the decor type is.

However, not everyone has a fantasy towards quintessential ceilings and grand vibes; some likes to keep it simple by installing the Jaquar wall lights. The variety of designs provided by Jaquar makes them ideal to be installed in the corridors, or at the side of the bed, that would not emit too much lighting but, at the same time, would create a diffusion.

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