11 Tips Guaranteed to Keep your Home Clutter Free

By: | September 28 , 2022
Tips Guaranteed to Keep your Home Clutter Free

Clutter destroys the harmonious energies of your house. It stops the flow of energy and these energies which accumulate can make you feel disturbed.

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In order to maintain a balance, one must try not to have too many things in the house. If it can`t be helped they should be kept in an organized manner, with precision and care. Many things not in current use should be tucked away in storage spaces so that what rests on the floor is at peace. Junk could be sold out frequently. The air needs to breathe. Vibrations, thoughts, and reactions all get settled in the clutter and make the air pukish like pollution. It’s a kind of pollution which must be given to the wind.

Here are 11 tips to keep your home clutter-free

  1. Live within your Means

    Don’t bring in unnecessary things. There is just so much tempting stuff out there. One wants to bring the whole world in. Too many positives tend to create the negative. One too many. Be more selective and maintain samanvaya, containment that is. Balance your décor, machines, and gadgets as per need. Clothes sprawled on the floor, falling out of the cupboards, and unnecessary seating arrangements could be curtailed. Go according to the size of your house and maintain an optimum balance.

  2. Purging you must do often

    Frequently keep a tab on what you have in the house. Go through all of the stuff in a seriated manner and figure out what you want to keep and what must go. Sell off or donate the unnecessary. Replace with fresh chairs or a lovely sofa. Old stuff accumulates energy and gives an unpleasant, unclear atmosphere. You will feel much lighter and the house will feel clean and happy.

  3. Make a Place for Everything

    Make sure you have space and formation for all your goods. The nail cutter, the thermometer, the hairdryer, all could be neatly put back where you had found a place for it. Knickknacks lying around clutter the space. Keep storage devices ready for all small but needed things. Keep decor items that you want to put away in drawers. Things which you use rarely like some big vessels or some machines or gadgets must have definite places they can be placed in. Don`t spread the whole house on the dining table. Keep your cabinet tops spotless and clean with neat decoration and many artifacts can be kept away and can patiently wait till you want to interiorize your home. Documents and files could be neatly stacked in some drawers, and neatly placed there.

  4. Have a Junk Drawer

    Old pens, still pretty, tape, elastic and stuff that you still want to retain but is redundant somewhere can go into a junk Drawer. The last part of your clutter can go in here.

  5. Don’t Dillydally

    Immediately after use, put away stuff which you were using in its proper place. Your eyes can only see so much. Also, stuff lying around will gather dust and be clingy.

  6. Have ample storage space for goods not in use

    Put things you need at hand close by, e.g. the pantry should be near the kitchen and can store your stock or ration. Similarly, a cupboard in the galley can hold your extra artifacts and cutlery ready for your dinner for friends.

  7. Go Paper-free

    Scan all your documents and certificates. Discard those that may be of no use to you now. Old question papers, textbooks could be donated.

  8. Unclutter your House

    You must realize that life is about experiences and lots of love and strife and not just about possessions. You may have a posh car and swanky décor, a big house, and oodles of other stuff but without peace and love in your heart and sharing with others it’s all worthless. Your life experiences are what you carry within the netherworld and not the metal and the stone. So prize your possessions. Unclutter your house and leave ample space for family, yourself and friends, and even foes!

  9. Forgive yourself more

    If you are just busy running the house, no worries. Unless the house starts running you over, ha! ha! Don`t bother too much if you are house is not as prim and proper as the neighbor’s or your sister’s. Take your time organizing stuff. Normally if you take care of the basics there is not much left to do on a daily basis. 15 minutes a day is enough and the deeper clutter can be handled on your one-off day a month….

  10. Try still try not Making Excuses

    Don’t dilly dally too much. Usually, clutter also has inertia. Don`t believe it! It doesn`t want to move from wherever it’s there. It will try to resist being moved around so you take one look and change your mind about clearing it p and postpone your good Samaritan act to another day. Just do it now. There is no time like the present. “Aaj kare to ab kar’a Hindi quote goes. Now and not today.

  11. Use it or get rid of it

    Things that you haven`t happened to us in the last 6 months may never really be used again like an old toaster, still functional but you`re happy with the new one could gently be given to a friend or in charity or a Diwali sale!

Have fun uncluttering your steaming pot of emotions, your very own home or office cupcake! You feel lighter and smarter and apologize to all that you have asked to leave your domain to ease another home or person. Nothing ever gets useless and wasted. Someone over there might just feel at home with it! Kudos!

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