Top Reasons to Invest In Solar Energy this Year

By: | August 17 , 2021
solar energy

You wanna go solar,
This is the way
Get yourself a solar cooker
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Heat up your water, free of cost
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Solar energy and other such alternative energy sources like the wind or geothermal energy are the need of the hour. Here we look at some of the impounding reasons for an urgent investment in solar power.

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  1. Fossil Fuel depletion: Oil, coal and natural gas are fossil fuels. These are considered to be non renewable as they take centuries to revive again. The demand for these is constantly increasing and supply is running shorter and shorter. Solar energy is fast, declining in price and photo voltaic system efficiency is increasing. Investment in solar power today will help alleviate economic, ecological and societal problems due to resource depletion and decrease dependency on the same.
  2. Pollution will be reduced. This will happen as solar energy is not at all polluting and the lower usage of fossil fuels means less pollution. A reduction in the greenhouse gases and the following global warming will be reduced.
  3. Consumer demand is growing. More and more people support solar energy as it is the need of the hour.
  4. Help create new jobs. With increasing support and use by various industries, manufacturers, consumers there will be a demand for skilled workers. Jobs will be available in construction, sales and manufacturing. Strengthening the economy.
  5. Solar panels which generate electricity means no pollution, silent work and a cleaner environment.
  6. It saves money. Reduces your electricity bill from the grid as the solar energy is
  7. For your own comfort. Once you have installed, say the solar panels, they need very little maintenance. You just need to call a professional in once a year. This is to check that your panels are working at highest efficiency.
  8. To reduce our carbon footprint and move to alternative source of energy is a need of the generation.

Here are some ways to reduce carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere:

  • While driving. Carpooling, public transportation, maximum usage, walking or riding a bicycle wherever possible.
  • Driving Style. Speeding and unnecessary acceleration reduces mileage by 33%. Combine errands to make fewer trips.
  • Air travel. Avoid flying when possible. Lesser, shorter, fly economy. Reduce leisure air travel.

leisure air travel

  • Work using video conferencing-Skype/Facetime.
  • Don’t fly private jets. It’s like a big car with one passenger.
  • Reduce your home energy carbon footprint.

LED Lighting

  • Use energy efficient appliances.
  • Use Solar cooker and solar heaters as much as possible.
  • Use LED lighting.
  • From food. It should be locally produced and organic food.
  • Transportation uses fuel and food using fertilizers are also fossil fuel produced.
  • Go vegan. Livestock requires lots of resources. Land is deforested to make grazing grounds for them. Deforestation contributes to carbon emission.
  • Reduce water usage by using drip irrigation for plants.
  • Reuse and Recycle as much water as possible.

Solar Energy Turbine

    • Less production of plants means less consumption.
    • Buy second hand utensils if possible. This would reduce their production.
    • Support clean energy. Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass energy.


Solar energy fits beautifully into the carbon footprint control synergy. Since it’s becoming cheaper to install and maintain, it holds a lot of promise for the future generations. Solar cookers are not just energy savers but also fulfill many lifestyles and are a pleasure to work with. Remote areas where the electric grid does not convey can also come under the electrification belt especially in India and can serve a great purpose.

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