What is the process of powder coating in railings, doors and windows?

By: | September 09 , 2021

Powder Coating is the process of applying a coating on metals mainly aluminium .It finds its wide use in the building industry mainly in doors, windows and railings as a protective and decorative finish.

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The powder which is used in powder coating is a mixture of fine grounded pigments and resins and is free from any solvents. The powder particles are electrically charged and adhere to the metal surface to form a smooth coating.

This type of coating is applied electrostatically also known as anodizing and the curing is done under heat so that it forms a skin. The skin is a hard finish and is tougher than paint. The main advantages of using powder coating are –

  • Powdered coating forms a very attractive finish on aluminium and once it is coated it does not require any repainting.
  • They are available in various colour options and can match any exterior or interior décor.
  • The anodizing treatment on aluminium creates a corrosion resistant surface.
  • Powder coating is more durable than liquid finishes such as paint. They are less susceptible to chipping, scratching and wearing out.
  • The powder coating is UV resistant and hence the colours remain bright for a longer period of time.

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