Different Types of Window Shades & Blinds

By: | August 02 , 2022
Types of Shades & Blinds Window

Whatever style of home you have, you need some sort of window treatment to not only add a bit of style quotient to your room but also to ensure privacy. Window blinds and Shades can dramatically alter the way your room looks like while also creating a personalized ambiance which is an extension of your own style and personality. Transforming your space can be as simple as narrowing down on the right window treatment. Take a look at these window treatments and learn about the unique features each product provides.

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Types of Window Shades & Blinds

  1. Roman Shades

    Roman Shades
    Consisting of a single continuous piece of fabric, Roman Shades can be light and elegant with the added functionality of a shade that opens and closes easily. They seamlessly into multiple décor styles and features horizontal folds down the length of the shade. Roman shades are ideal for rooms where you don’t want to block out the light entirely.
  2. Roller Shades

    Roller Shades
    One of the most common types of shades available is the ubiquitous Roller Shades which are not only affordable but also come in a huge variety of fabric choices and lifting systems. With a contemporary and chic design, these shades have a unique ability to regulate natural light and privacy in your home. When rolled up, they curl up neatly into a tube lending them the sophisticated and minimalistic look.
  3. Shutters

    Shutters lend a classic and elegant look and prove to be a great window treatment choice as they tend to look attractive from both the inside and the outside. An architectural statement, shutters are essentially sturdier than both shades or blinds and are expected to last for years to come while helping add considerable value to your home. Moreover, they help to regulate the flow of incoming light, offer privacy when closed while also helping to insulate against sound, heat, and cold.
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  4. Solar Shade

    Solar Shades
    Essentially roller blades, Solar Shades are made with a special screen Material to reduce glare and harmful UV rays. Available in a variety of textures and fabrics, solar shades permit you to maintain your outside view while also allowing considerable light control. Furthermore, not only do they do a stellar job of filtering the sun, but also play a huge role in energy efficiency as well.
  5. Wooden Blinds

    Wooden Blinds

    Wooden blinds lend a touch of class and elegance and make for a classic choice for windows. A welcome change from the run-of-the-mill vertical blinds, these blinds are made of real wood and are available in a range of finishes in grains and stains while also being extremely durable. These blinds seamlessly fit into any décor and their simple construction makes them very easy to operate. Often used in living areas, these blinds are also available in a bevy of slat sizes which allow you to regulate privacy and light.

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