What are Bay Windows?

By: | December 15 , 2020

A large window projecting outwards from the building wall in angles is known as Bay windows. Bay windows were very popular in Victorian homes but now they are becoming common in modern homes especially residential buildings. They can be cantilevered from the building or can be load bearing. The characteristics and advantages of using Bay windows are –

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  • They give a very good aesthetic appeal to the Building from outside and from inside. It is usually designed in buildings where homes open up to spectacular views.
  • It floods the area with natural light that enters from all sides of the window.
  • The window is placed in angles to the wall hence it allows breeze to enter from both directions creating a small pocket of cross ventilation.
  • Bay windows can create additional storage space if the alcove is converted into a seating.
  • Bay windows are more expensive than traditional windows.
  • Bay windows help in creating additional square feet of space thus adding more value to the home. It adds depth and makes the space look visually much bigger.
  • Good construction workers should be commissioned to install the window as it requires some expertise to efficiently fix the windows in angles.

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