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By: | August 31 , 2022

Window grips are an integral part of your home and a must for a pane. Commonly they are constructed from uPVC. uPVC, or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, is a necessary component in the world of furniture. It has numerous benefits, including sound insulation, UV protection, impact resistance, UV protection, chemical resistance, and many more. Depending on your preferences, the material can be used on both doors and casements. Because of their ease of installation and low cost, uPVC window handles are among the most sought-after products. Here you can check out the various types of uPVC window handles and know more about them.

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Glance through the Different types of uPVC window handles you can get



It is one of the most common UPVC pane handles and consists fundamentally of a shaft connected to the opening, and its locking arrangement is at the back. There are two types of holds. The first is the in-line hold, in which the grip is straight with the locking point in the center and can turn right or left. The other type is the cranked hold, in which there is some distance between the grip and the locking point. The espag UPVC window handles are available in a variety of spindle lengths and have a polished appearance. The cranked aperture is in charge of keeping them in place, and they are widely available on the market.

They are common for outdoor and indoor panes for both homes and offices.


Venetian Window Handle

Similar to the Espag grip, these are typically held in place by two bolts (below). On the other hand, they have a low projection from the frame instead of the Espag handle. This is advantageous because the arm will not poke through the blinds, which is a common issue with other types of window handles. This is an excellent window arm if you want something flush that will blend in with your UPVC windows.

Venetian ones are also ideal for houses, especially for decorative panes, and add aesthetics to the looks of your room.


Cockspur Window Handle

It is a type of window grip that lacks a spindle. Its place is taken by a spur located directly at the wedge, which easily hooks onto any of the aperture frames. These are available in both right-hand and left-hand configurations. They are also obtainable in a mixture of sizes. This type of aperture can also hold a good amount of gold and is available in both right and left-hand styles. They’re also easily adjustable and available in a universal size.

Cockspur panes are normally seen in traditional homes with antique shutters lacking intrinsic mechanisms. Cockspurs can also be found on panes that have a slimmer frame.

Turn and Tilt

Turn and Tilt Window Handle

This type of window grip for uPVC panes also has an espag hold but can be rotated 180 degrees if necessary. These holds have a tilt that occurs before or after turning. The white aperture for these types is also available in lockable styles and mechanisms on the market. There are numerous opportunities to work in the market. If you’re looking to buy any style of bay hold, these options are available, and the price can vary depending on the material, size, brand, hold, and many other factors.

You can find this style of the arm on panes as well as sliding patio doors. Because of their design, this type of pane handle is commonly used in high-rise apartments because it is easy to clean from the inside.

Monkey Tail and Spade

Monkey Tail and Spade

As the name implies, this type of pane handle is shaped like a monkey’s tail, long and with a curve at the bottom. Monkey tail ones are commonly eye-catching and ornamental pane grip patterns that work on Espag style.

Spade panes are also referred to as blade grips. Depending on the design and material of your panes, this type of pane grip is typically made of aluminium or UPVC. The two-peg locking mechanism is also used on these handles.

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