The Ultimate Guide To Buy Security Locker for your Home

By: | August 12 , 2022

It’s a big headache storing and saving your extra money and precious jewellery, special documents in one safe place. Sometimes you need a safe place in the house where you can stack precious stuff, near at hand when you need it and avoid a visit to your busy bank, unnecessarily.

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5 finest Security Lockers by Godrej company

  1. Godrej access Electronic safe: SEEC9060: This is one of the best ones as it comes with all that you can ask for in a safey safe. It has a LED Display screen, memory feature even if the battery has fizzled, solid steel bolts and a way out even if you have forgotten your password to ope the damn thing!! There is more on this. It is compact with an 8 litre capacity, weighing about 5 kgs. It has a3-6 digit password and a master password for more security. There are even 2 shooting bolts to lock it. It comes with an interior carpeting. The price is friendly and is the highest selling online.. some of its cons are that there is no proper manual guide that goes along. The hinge does rust sometimes and the outer sheet is not well built.
  2. Godrej Goldilocks Personal safe: This is a small one with a 2.2 litre capacity. You can carry it along when you go out, let’s say on a trip. It has a touch screen and has an alarm feature that screams in case someone tries to carry it away or break-in. From cheque books to documents and jewellery, has organized space for all. There is a 9 volt battery inbuilt in the electronic safe. The digits are illuminated so you can operate even in the dark through the smart touch panel. It is also extremely light weight and will fit into your suitcase while you travel. Sleek and stylish too.. Its cons are that it is personal so the storage space is less. The inner space of the safe is rough and liable thus to get scratched. The safe wiring is not very good.
  3. Godrej New Stilo Electronic safe: This is a reasonable household one. It also has inbuilt motorized power bolts and the memory feature which saves the password if you don’t remember and can override that mechanically in case you forgot the damn thing. It can carry about 14 litre . Weighs 11 Kgs and is made of mild steel. It has a 3-6 digit password protected by a master key.. It is also interior carpeted. Has enhanced battery life and low battery indicator. Much preferred by commercial institutions or businesses. These are simple and generic and much in demand by companies. It is also budget-friendly and easy to install. Will fit into a cabinet. The cons are that it’s good for storing small things and batteries are not included.
  4. Godrej Taurus Electronic Safe: This has an Ivory colour. This is best for financial organisations, hotels, schools, hospitals etc. and will also easily fit into a cabinet or a dressing table or a cupboard. It automatically shuts down with a wrong password. It has two motorized bolts and perfectly safe for the household too. It also has a carpet inside and is comfy for all your sacred stuff.. It is shaped the cuboid way. It has a low battery indicator and the memory is nonvolatile and will keep the password even with a low battery. The locking mechanism is digitally operated. An all-purpose safe. It has a strong metallic body and lots of space. A perfect store for your valuables. It has a manual present for your guidance and ample storage space. Godrej Locker provides a free installing facility.
  5. Godrej e- laptop pro electronic Safe: This also comes in an ivory shade. A safe vault with powered motors and passwords can be overridden if forgotten. If you throw in a filigree of wrong passwords the safe freezes. Then use the master password. The data can be retrieved by USB. There is carpeting in there. It was primarily made to even dump in your laptop and other e-devices if you need to secure some very important data. There is also here, low battery indicator and the master password in case of trouble and the non-volatile memory which will never fail you. It also has a provision for charging so it does not get discharged. It is a best seller too. It is user-friendly, with enough storage space. Pump in all your drives and disks, if you got to. The instruction manual safe is easy to follow. It does have some drawbacks too. The body is not very well-built and the screws could be better.

But before you go into the buying binge here are a few factors you must consider and reconsider. Hey! Just a minute. You gotta go through this.

Another safe bet is Ozone. Ozone has come out with various smart and efficient lockers that are available for your home or office or your friend’s multinational! Mccoymart.com is a place where you could look for the bestsellers and the huge range Ozone offers at sensible discounts and prices. With built-in battery warning, strong shooting bolts, double layer protection, and an auto-freeze lock it is a competitive option. The capacity goes up to 10 liters.

From a manual kid’s safe in lovely orange just at Rs.611 to an Ozone Biometric Motorised safe Safilo Bio2, Bio 1, Digital1, to Ozone Fireproof Safe warrior-11to an Electronic safe Tusker as well as some Godrej pullouts, it’s all there.

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Here we go into some other nitty gritties about your safe lockers

How should one install them: You must look for a place in the house where there are no hidden electric wirings or water pipes. Any leakage in these can cause many problems. Then on this wall mark the holes where you will be fitting in the screws. Now using a screw driver make the holes in the marked areas and screw in the locker.

Now some points to keep in mind before buying:

  • The size matters. Buy a strong, compact model not taking too much space. You might not want a huge one looming large over your bedroom comfort. Something discrete in a cupboard or almirah might make you feel comfy and organized.
  • The locker should be fire and water resistant.
  • Be clear on your finances and budget and appropriately pick your pick. The prices will range between 4000 inr to 15000 inr.
  • They must be user-friendly. Some are operated by retina or laptop connectivity and others with a password. So select according to the technology you are comfortable with.
  • It must be durable, made with quality steel and thick sheets as you might not want to shift your gear into a new one in a few year’s time. It does cost a bit, so you wanna be careful.
  • These are very safe lockers and digitalization is a mind-blowing feature and keeps your stuff well- protected against unwelcome hands. The password is your trump card and the non-volatile memory acts by default as it overrides the password by remembering even with alow battery, so you get double protection and security.
  • Fixing inside a cupboard helps it stay hidden and then you can lock this too so your safe is even safer.
  • Godrej is , as of now the safest, most efficient brand of Locker in India today. It is also reputed.

Some more tips on buying:

  1. Electronic safes: these are most popular today. These are, as we know digitally operable and protected with a password. They range from a cost of Rs 4000 to 15,000 and are very easily available online or in the market.
  2. Then there are fire-resistant safes. These are usually heavier and used in storing precious documents or disks, drives or DVDs and can withstand a temperature of 175 F. Most common with government offices where precious data needs protection.
  3. Resistant to Burglary. Would be found in jewellery shops or Banks. Safes protected by alert alarms which peel out if touched by unsafe hands.
  4. Data Storage safes: specially made to harbour laptops, micro chips or sd cards which can be kept lit and provided with charging facility so can be used straight out.

We come back to Size with a few more injunctions. For commercial places a larger storage would be needed so the size would be larger and for the home a smaller one might be more appropriate. So purchase accordingly.

A mobile or fixed one would also be according to your travel needs. If needing a safe for some of your valuables, while on the go, you could go in for a small, handy, trustworthy portable locker which will fit well in your suitcase. Whereas a fixed one would be where its needed. In your home or office block.

The purpose of the locker would also determine which one you are gonna buy.  A small discrete one with a password entry would be good for your household jewellery, cheque book or handy cash, wheras the laptop which has multifarious data of your company would sit well in a larger one with charging facility within.

There is normally a space and holder for your battery set behind the entry door of the locker and a space for the key and the keyboard with numbers on the front door where you stamp in your password.  In all of them there is the security of non-volatile memory where your password  remains stored in case you forget it and there is a master password which can also be used in case of need.  So these electronic devices are the talk of the town with only your wife or husband and you entrusted with its responsibility and its possession. Ha! Take your pick ‘safely.

Best Safe Locker Brands

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