Home Design and Plans According to Vastu Shastra

By: | September 28 , 2022

The rich Vedic culture and beliefs promote Vastu Shastra which is a powerful home design science. Vastu shastra ensures proper ventilation, air flow, lighting and positivity in home through intelligent designs!

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Vastu Shastra is an inseparable part of architecture which explores the Vedic principles and beliefs.  As per this shastra, every element on this earth has a soul which is influenced by the magnetic forces surrounding the earth. As per vastu shastra, the five elements of life which are water, fire, ether, earth and wind must be used properly to embrace good luck and prosperity in life! The homes built as per the Vastu Shastra attracts positive energy and prevents the home from evil eye!

Vastu shastra has both, scientific and religious importance in home design and thus, is a followed while designing a house.

Here are few home designs and plans which you must consider to get a vastu shastra inspired home!

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    1. Entrance

      entrance door with torans
      Entrance is the very first area which gets explored when we visit the home. As per the vastu shastra, the entrance door must be the biggest door in the entire house. It should be well lit and decorated with ‘torans’, ‘wind chimes’ and such decorative elements.

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      entrance above the ground level
      The entrance must also be above the ground level. The entrance must be welcoming and bright which attracts all the positive energy in the home. The door must be patterned in a unique way. Choose patterned wooden doors for warmth and positivity.

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    2. Bedroom

      Bedroom area vastu

      The bedroom is the area where we spend a lot of time. We sleep in this room and thus, it must be completely peaceful. For better lighting, choose shades like light yellow, grey, white, light blue, chocolate etc.

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      Bedroom area vastu location

      The bedroom must be located in the south or south-east direction and the door should be in the north. Keep the bed 2” away from the wall for facilitating ventilation. The master bedroom or parent’s bedroom should be the biggest bedroom just like their value in family. It must have huge windows, curtains, a natural view.

    3. Kitchen

      Kitchen area vastu

      Kitchen is a place which should be hygienic and safely placed. The best direction to place a kitchen is south or south east corner as it is a direction which governs fire. The sink and gas stove must be placed separate as fire and water oppose each other.

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      Kitchen area vastu windows

      Get 2 huge windows or exhaust fans in south for ventilation. Choose hard flooring like marble or ceramic to avis scratches. It should have walls which are non porous and easy to clean. Your kitchen must reflect cleanliness and style!

    4. Living room

      Living room vastu

      Living room is a place where your guests sit and you can enjoy Television and activities with your family. It is prone to attract negative energy as visitors with negative energy may sit in the living room. Thus, place the living room in north direction.

      Living room vastu aquarium

      The living room should have the best lighting, square furniture to save space. For décor, never choose artificial flowers or plants like cactus as they attract negativity. Use aquarium, the best vastu décor item, natural and positive paintings for mood lift! Choose shades like chocolate and wood!

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Bathroom & Toilet

The bathrooms and toilets must not be attached as we have a scarcity of living space in the world. Though, if you have attached toilet and bathroom, it should be in north east direction and must not touch the walls of kitchen. Place mirrors above the storage.

bathrooms ground level vastu

The bathroom should be above the ground level to prevent water leakage. Keep geysers and water supply in different directions. It should be clean and easily maintainable. Use white and relaxing shades.

  • Study room

    Study room vastu
    Study room should be designed in a way which attracts peace, focus and natural light. It should be in North, East or Northeast direction.

    Study room table vastu

    Don’t place the table facing towards window or door. Place global map and crystals for improving concentration and choose pastel mild shades for this room.


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  • Prayer room

    Prayer room vastu

    This room is the most sacred room which directs positive energy to other rooms. Thus, it must be placed in the centre and around the living room.

    Prayer room vastu east north

    Place the idols in east north or west as, during sunrise and sunset, you can have a better view of the idols. Choose light shades like yellow, blue and white shades which embark light and looks divine!

  • Verandah / balcony

    Verandah vastu

    Verandah or balcony is a place which can be used for relaxation, gardening and to get some natural air and light in the home. The balcony thus, should be placed in the north or north east direction. You can place small plants like basil, natural flowers and such decorative plants for freshness. Keep these plants in the north east direction to feed them with sunlight and proper air.

    Verandah vastu furniture

    You can use different shaped furniture like geometric shaped, square to decorate the balcony and allow seating. Choose earthy shades like yellow, beige, green and more to make it look bright.


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