What type of wood is melamine?

    By May 04 , 2017

    Melamine is mistaken to be wood; it is primarily a paper board.

    • Melamine Particle boards are a combination of several layers of paper saturated with resins and melamine glues. The product is further pressed resulting in compact boards
    • Melamine Boards are a synthetic material hence endless number of finishes and colors are possible in melamine. It is a manufactured product hence there is lot of consistency and uniformity in the boards.
    • Melamine is prone to chipping; utmost care should be taken while handling the product. Once chipped it is very difficult to rectify. Even if the cutting blade is not sharp the melamine will chip.
    • Melamine boards are very cost effective and used in making furniture , cabinets as they are scratch resistant , heat and termite resistant.
    • The screws should be fixed properly on the melamine. If they are not fixed properly it shall cause the melamine board to split and get damaged. Over a period of time the hinges and screws get loose and hence have to be tightened repeatedly.
    • However if water penetrates inside the melamine boards especially in bathroom cabinets the material shall disintegrate.

    Merino Stylam