12 Vastu Shastra Tips for Office

By: | September 28 , 2022

Office is our WORK TEMPLE. It’s a place where we need to generate creative ideas, attract success, build profitable relationships and strive for power and growth. By keeping a few Vastu Tips in mind, it is easy to attract abundance into our workspace.

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If you own the office, then you should look at the Vastu of the entire space. However, if you are an employee, then your room, your cubicle or even your desk becomes your own space of success. In such a scenario, you should look at Vastu Enhancers for your personal space. Every little bit matters in pushing you towards success that you deserve.There is no substitute for hard work but sometimes despite all the hard work, success evades us. In such a scenario, it’s vital to check your space for any Vastu flaws that may be acting as a hindrance. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to elevate your position as an employee or an employer.

  1. Reception should ideally be in the North of the office. North being the zone of Lord Kuber, Lord of Wealth, when it becomes an entry point to your office, you attract wealth making energies to your space.
  2. If the Reception is to the North, it is important to keep in mind that you should not use colours in the family of Red and Yellow in that Zone. Red and Yellow are both anti colours and even though your Entrance may be placed in the most auspicious zone, these two colours will not allow the opportunities to come by or to convert into something fruitful.
  3. The Toilets should ideally be placed between the West and Northwest Zone. Keep the toilet décor simple. It’s a zone that eliminates waste from our lives hence a very plush looking toilet is never recommended. Simpler the better.
  4. Marketing Team, that mainly consists of the younger generation, should always be in the East of the office, reason being, East is brimming with growth energy and it gives the boost to the younger or middle-aged employees to move forward with vitality and enthusiasm.
  5. The sales team that must be out of the premises to bring business should be in the Northwest Zone. They will always be eager to step out of the office. That’s the same reason, why business heads and important employees should not be stationed in the Northwest. The energies in this zone do not bring stability to perform important tasks or to take big decisions.
  6. The Business Heads should either be in the South Zone or the Southwest of the office. The farther they are from the entrance, the better it is for the organisation. While South brings a sorted and relaxed mind to take important decisions, it also brings Power to the person who has an office room in the South Zone. Southwest brings stability.
  7. There should be no kinds of water bodies in the South or Southwest Zone of the office else they interfere with Success.
  8. Pantry should ideally be in the Southeast, the zone of fire.
  9. Conference Room works well in the Northeast, where ideas can be fresh and clear, or even East, where energies are full of vitality and newness. North is also a wonderful zone for a conference room as one can have discussions with an open and clear mind.
  10. While sitting, whether its your cabin or your cubicle, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that there is no door or window behind you. If such is the case, you will always experience lack of support and backstabbing at work. The success in such as scenario will always be full of obstacles. ONE SHOULD ALWAYS SIT WITH A SOLID WALL BEHIND THEIR BACK. The ideal situation is a window to your side and the door diagonally across from you.
  11. Make sure there are no overhead exposed beams. Exposed beams can weigh down upon you and bring you tensions at work, even headaches, thereby lowering your performance levels.
  12. Lastly, avoid sitting at the end of the corridor. If your room or desk is at the T point of the corridor, it will constantly bring sharp arrow like energy to you, which in the long run can be detrimental to your career.
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Be aware of your space. Look around with a keen eye and try and give yourself the best position that’s possible. Even a few changes in the right direction can open many doors of opportunities for you. Make ‘Good Vastu’ a habit.

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