Vastu Tips for Bathroom

By: | August 18 , 2022

With this concept of en-suite toilets, attached bath, Powder Room, the number of toilet zones are practically as many as the rooms in our house. Most houses that I visit these days have toilets in practically all the corners and zones of their house. Without realising we are causing so much negativity to take over our entire space. We should not forget that toilets are created to take away our body waste. That’s the reason perhaps that people constructed toilets away from the house or in the farthest corner of their house in earlier times. And perhaps that was one of the biggest reasons for good health among family members.

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In the modern day set-up, while it is unavoidable to have multiple toilets within the premises, one can keep a few things in mind to create better energies in their space.
According to Vastu following Zones should not have a toilet –
North – Having a toilet in the North Zone causes career opportunities to get blocked. Being the Zone of Lord Kuber, this can also restrict wealth making opportunities in our lives.
East – Having the toilet here, stagnates growth and does not encourage social connections and ties. It brings a lack of prosperity to family members.
Northeast – Having a toilet here causes a whole lot of health issues, mental tensions, and anxiety and hence should be completely avoided.
In fact, toilets should always be planned well with the help of Vastu Experts as there are certain zones that allow the construction of toilets without causing any negative impact to one’s life which can go a long way in keeping the residents happy and healthy. Avoid making the toilets look really plush and beautiful. The simpler they are the better it is for the residents. Opulent toilets with gold fittings especially should be avoided as they flush away the wealth of luck as the color gold is symbolic of wealth. Try and keep it understated. For the same reason, avoid the over the top crystal tiles. While they may look beautiful, remember it’s the zone for flushing away the waste. We don’t want wealth to flush away and anything that’s Opulent is suggestive of wealth.
Pastel colors work best in the toilet. Combinations like Red and Black should ideally be avoided as toilet décor.


Vastu dictated that all the toilets that are attached to the bedroom and even otherwise, ensure that the toilet lid is always down and the toilet door is always shut. This will help you curtail the excessive negative energy that may find a way into your resting zone.
The toilet should ideally not face the kitchen door, nor should it be right in front of the staircase. In both these cases, it brings negative luck to the family members. According to vastu, the toilet should also not be visible from the entrance door.
Remember the key words – SIMPLER THE BETTER

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