Different Applications Of Wall Cladding

By: | September 05 , 2022
Wall Cladding
Wall Cladding

External wall cladding is quite popular these days both in residential and commercial structures and is primarily used for protection and aesthetic purposes, with some materials having more of one trait than the other. Today, there are several options in wall cladding materials that cater to the whims and fancies of one and all. Available in a multitude of designs, textures, and materials, they help bring your interiors, exteriors, and bathroom to life by lending a vibrant and elegant look to the otherwise dull walls. It can be attached directly to the frame or to an intermediate layer of battens or spacers thus providing a decorative layer to the exterior or internal walls.

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Earlier, customization options were limited to a coat of paint on the exterior walls or wallpaper or tiles on the interior rooms or bathrooms. However, today cladding has completely revolutionized the industry by offering options made of wood, metal, uPVC, aluminium, and so on each of which has its own distinct benefits and drawbacks. These panels are placed right on top of a building’s exterior frame or the interior walls which make efforts such as painting or applying finishes redundant. Moreover, the use of can drastically help reduce maintenance costs while providing a wide range of benefits like weatherproofing, and insulation while dramatically increasing the aesthetics. Allow me to elaborate on the different applications of wall cladding viz.  Exterior wall Cladding, Interior Wall Cladding & Bathroom Wall Cladding and their advantages.

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  1. Exterior Wall Cladding
    Exterior Wall Cladding

    Exterior Wall Cladding

      • External wall cladding basically comprises applying a material over the original material to provide an additional layer of protection against weather elements while also adding value and style to a property. It is used to complement the architectural style of the building while also offering additional protection from weather elements like rain, wind, and snow. Its unique design, sustainability, and functionality result in adding insulation to the structure while also minimizing sound transmission through the walls.

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    • During summer, external cladding options like stone, and other high-quality exterior cladding products absorb heat from the sun, keeping the indoor temperature constant thus drastically reducing both your energy costs and carbon footprint. As well as improving the thermal insulation of your house, the external cladding can also improve the noise insulation of your house by absorbing sound waves and blocking out traffic and other unpleasant sounds. Moreover, the external cladding is extremely durable that will protect your home and add both comfort and convenience. It also provides plenty of customization options in the form of textures, shades, and hues that really meet the preferences and style of your home. By combining the longevity and toughness, external wall cladding offers protection against the elements and environmental changes and damage while also providing effective protection against stains, scratches and fading for decades. Moreover, you can contact one of the exterior wall cladding experts to get more information.
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  2. Interior Wall Cladding
    Interior Wall Cladding

    Interior Wall Cladding

      • Wallpapers and paints for livening up the walls of your internal rooms are passé. When it comes to the interiors of your house, it’s a reflection of your taste and personality. Internal wall cladding offers a host of materials and style choices to choose from which lend a creative touch to your space, and are sure to brighten up your décor and add warmth and character like never before. With several materials ranging from wood, ceramic, porcelain and stone to choose from, internal wall cladding helps add both aesthetics and functionality to your house or office. Internal wall cladding is an ideal way to add value to your existing property or just a way to make your house look posh, clean and sophisticated and help stand out from the drab.
      • Moreover, they are extremely low on maintenance and can be simply wiped clean with a piece of a damp cloth. Additionally, it also facilitates insulation to keep the overall temperature of your room always ideal thus making them energy compliant as well.


  3. Bathroom Wall Cladding
    Bathroom Wall Cladding

    Bathroom Wall Cladding

      • Having your bathroom modeled just the way you envisioned it, makes all the difference, as in all likelihood, it’s your first stop in the morning and the last stop before hitting the bed. By combining simplicity with functionality, bathroom wall cladding helps add a glamorous touch to your bathroom and helps bring the dull lifeless walls to life.
      • Although bathrooms are tucked away in the corner of the house, they are as important as any other room because you and your family will spend a great deal of time in them. Be it stone cladding, timber cladding, or porcelain cladding, a bathroom makeover can instantly transform a drab and boring toilet into something modern and help revitalize your spirits. Moreover, these panels are 100% water-resistant, which means you need not worry about damp walls as they are completely moisture and damp-proof. Additionally being moisture-proof, they also help ward off insects and molds thus ensuring the highest levels of hygiene. Whether you’re striving to dramatically renovate your bathroom or just want a small improvement, bathroom wall cladding is the way to go.


  4. Kitchen Cladding
    Kitchen Cladding

    Kitchen Cladding

      • When it comes to your kitchen, the first and foremost factor which is given topmost priority is hygiene. This is where your food is produced and cooked and it’s paramount that you maintain a hygienic and clean environment. A good effective kitchen cladding takes care of all that and much more. Besides giving your kitchen an attractive and modern look, kitchen wall cladding also promotes hygiene and cleanliness. Unlike traditional walls or tiles which are not only difficult to clean but also notorious for allowing grime, grout and grease to stick and accumulate, cleaning kitchen wall cladding is far easier as it can be just wiped down leaving no nooks and crannies for bacteria to cling on to.

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    • Kitchen wall cladding is also extremely robust and sturdy and can withstand abuse unlike traditional ceramic or plastered walls. Because of the sheer variety of equipment and utensils in constant use in the kitchen, walls and tiles are susceptible to impact which may leave a dent, crack or kink which may be difficult to repair or may need to be replaced entirely. Moreover, the crack looks unpleasant while leaving it susceptible to water seeping into the nooks and crevices. This leads to the formation of ungainly molds and micro-bacterial growth. However, kitchen wall cladding is made up of state-of-the-art quality materials which are constructed to withstand the toughest damage dished out to them. Even if something accidentally rams against your wall cladding, you won’t notice a thing.
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