Latest Wardrobe Designs for a Bedroom in India

By: | September 29 , 2022
Wardrobe Designs for a Bedroom

Who doesn’t love clothes? Shopping has indeed become an entertainment option and the number of branded garments only seem to be supplying one’s insatiable love for clothes with new designs and trends that make you keep buying more and more. But, the biggest question that looms large once you’re done with the mad rush shopping is Where to store it?  you definitely do not want to stash away the old clothes you love to wear in the attic in favor of the new clothes.  You could get help to see that the storage space is taken care of and you are not keeping any area in your home underutilized especially the space in the bedroom, where you obviously would have to store your clothes by choosing the wooden wardrobe designs that optimize the space available.

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Things you should consider before  you install a wardrobe

The things you should consider while you are thinking of installing a wardrobe include

  • The quantity of clothing that you already have with enough allowance for those you might keep adding
  • Whether there is enough space for the wardrobe or whether it would be an overdo.
  • Consider the features you expect in a wardrobe such as the number of drawers you want, the height and width of the space for accessories etc.
  • Whether it is possible to make more space for the wardrobe by moving the dresser, cot etc.
  • Whether you can satisfy yourself with the wooden almirahs or cupboards to complement the wardrobe storage if you do not have enough space for the wardrobe.

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Options for storage other than wardrobes

While wardrobes definitely add to the appearance and aesthetics of the room and increase the value of your room, you can always consider options like wooden almirahs and cupboards because they would be easy to move around and keep changing the arrangement of the room.

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Wooden Almirahs for Bedrooms

If you are looking for additional storage apart from a wardrobe or not too keen about having a built-in wardrobe in your bedroom, or wondering what to do for storage in the second bedroom of your home, the next best alternative is to choose the best among the wide range of options that are available as far as wooden almirah designs for bedroom are concerned. The types include

Designer Wooden Almirah

Designer Wooden Almirah

These are a set of four almirahs of different dimensions that are created with artistic work by skilled craftsmen to form a step cabinet. The wooden almirahs are constructed using quality wood which includes hardwood like rosewood, teak or seesham.

The Traditional Wooden Almirah

The traditional wooden almirah

These are wooden almirah designs for bedroom that can add aesthetic appeal to the home that is already decorated traditionally. This wardrobe may serve as additional storage or as the main storage if there is enough space to accommodate the almirah.

Modern Wooden Almirah

Modern Wooden almirah

These almirahs are made to specification and feature a modern look. It is designed in such a way that it offers more storage space occupying lesser space owing to its minimalist design that looks modern.

Whether you are choosing an almirah or cupboard design for bedroom Indian homes that have a definite use and positioned in the right place or choosing to have a built-in wardrobe of different types is a matter of personal preference and choice.

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Types of wardrobes and its features

The wardrobe designs India that you can consider  as wardrobe designs for small bedroom India include



These are also known as walk-in closets and are very ideal storage solutions when you have a lot of items to be stored and displayed. This sort of arrangement would take up a lot of space. It is a viable option for an individual. But, if you resort to this sort of wardrobe arrangement for a couple it would be demanding on the usable space cramping the room further.

Corner wardrobes

Corner wardrobes

This can work out to be an ideal wardrobe design for small bedroom Indian, giving you enough storage space while it is installed in the corner of the room. you hardly use the corner of the room for any other purpose. This way, you will be using the otherwise dead corner effectively for storage. You may also consider an open wardrobe or a closed wardrobe depending on the space available. But, the closed wardrobe is preferable as it would ensure your clothes and accessories do not get rusty fast. You may also consider using an open corner wardrobe for accessories and complement it with a wooden cupboard design that fits into space for storing your clothes.

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Compact Solution Wardrobes

Compact solution wardrobes

These are wooden wardrobe designs for the bedroom where there is actually a very critical space crunch. This might include wardrobes with foldable doors with storage space even on the doors. You might have to roll it up into an ensemble and accommodate it in a pseudo location when not in use.

Headboard Wardrobe

Headboard wardrobe 

When the cot is placed close to the wall. The headboard area, as well as the entire wall space, goes waste.  It would be a great space saver if the headboard space is converted into a wardrobe.

The Loft Wardrobe

The loft wardrobe

This again refers to making use of the space allotted for loft in the bedroom as wardrobe space. This is akin to the headboard wardrobes that make use of the space that might otherwise go as waste. But, the only difference is that the headboard wardrobes are easier to access than the loft wardrobes. But, you can still make the most of it by using the step ladder.

Elaborate Ones

Elaborate ones

if you are thinking of forgoing the space for the wardrobe in lieu of the wonderful view you would love to watch through your window, think again. It is now possible to  Accommodate a chic balcony right into your wardrobe so that you need not have to compromise on the scenic beauty and at the same time, you would be able to use the space effectively for storing your clothes and accessories. These wardrobe arrangements are typically custom made depending on the type of the room.   But, it definitely provides you with ample storage space.

The Wall Divider Wardrobe

The wall divider wardrobe

If the room plan of your home is open and you wish to create boundaries, you can make use of custom wardrobe designs for a bedroom Indian with sliding door to create the divide. You may also consider using the wardrobe as a passage to the bathroom if the bathroom door opens into the room.

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Sloped wardrobe

Sloped wardrobe

This type of wardrobe is ideal for attic bedrooms or rooms with sloping roofs.  This type of wardrobe would ensure optimum usage of otherwise wasted space.

You can have free-standing or built-in wardrobes. The latest wardrobe designs for bedroom differ from a  wooden cupboard design in appearance, the intended use of the piece as well as the place where it is placed in a room. While wardrobes are meant for storing clothes and accessories, the almirahs and cupboards are meant for multiple uses and can be used to store a range of things and can be placed in any room, though you now have almirahs and cupboards typically designed for bedrooms and storing cloth. The wardrobes, however, are meant to be large and are usually installed in the private spaces like the bedrooms and easily a highly evolved version of the almirahs and cupboards.

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