What are Concrete Sealers?

By: | August 08 , 2022

Concrete Sealers are liquid sealing compounds that are applied to hardened concrete. It is a compound that is used to close the pores of the concrete and prevent the concrete from external elements. Concrete is porous and is a material that breaths hence is highly prone to acid-alkali attacks, moisture absorption, and corrosion from rusting of steel. The concrete sealers help in increasing the longevity of concrete and keep the concrete in good shape for years to come.

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The advantages of using concrete sealers are –

  • They protect the concrete to protect it from surface damage, moisture absorption, and corrosion.
  • They prevent the growth of algae and fungi on the concrete.
  • Sealed concrete is easy to maintain. Unsealed concrete that is used for driveways or outdoor flooring might break easily and hence requires regular maintenance.

Concrete sealers can prevent nearly 99% of surface water absorption. The two categories of concrete sealers are –

Topical Sealers – These sealers are film-forming sealers that form a waterproof coating on top of the concrete. They have a glossy finish.

Penetrating Sealers–   These sealers are reactive and soak into the material to form a compound that is waterproof. They have a matte finish.

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