What are Dampers Panels?

By: | July 21 , 2022

Dampers are valves that are used to regulate or stop the air flow in  HVAC units .The are also used to stop smoke or heat by cutting off the supply of air and preventing the spread of fire.Dampers can be manually operated or through a motor control to regulate heat and temperature flow.

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They could also be attached to the Building automation system which controls the movement of dampers as per their building’s design requirements. In many cases the building automation can detect the unused areas in the buildings and cut off the supply of air conditioning through dampers in those areas.

In case of fire the Building automation detects the area of fire and the dampers immediately cut off the supply of air into those areas so as to prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

Dampers are usually made of aluminium or steel and are available as heavy duty dampers, light duty dampers, motorized dampers, butterfly dampers, manually operated dampers and customized dampers as per design requirements.

Dampers are available in various shapes like square dampers, rectangular dampers, circular dampers, arched dampers and triangular dampers.

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