What is MDF Plywood?

By: | November 04 , 2019
  • MDF plywood is an engineered wood comprising of both hard and soft wood grains. The grains are so fine that the knot and fibers of wood are not visible in the manufactured boards.
  • These fibers are combined with resins which are mixed together to form a dense compact board. The high density of MDF enables fine and detailed cutting on the boards.
  • MDF consists of very fine particles hence screws do not fit well.The top layer and bottom layer of MDF are hard while the mid layer is soft. The MDF boards have to be handled with immense care as the edges are prone to getting damaged.
  • Thickness of MDF boards range between ¼’’ to 1’’.
  • MDF is prone to moisture and water. They swell in the presence of water hence should be avoided in areas like bathrooms.
  • It is heavier than Particle board , reasonably cheap and a durable material if handled properly.
  • The MDF boards release lot of dust while cutting . Hence a mask should be worn as a precaution while cutting MDF to prevent inhalation of dust wood particles.
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