What are Lift and Slide Doors?

By: | August 05 , 2022

Lift and Slide Doors are used to cover large expanse of door openings and can provide unobstructed views. These doors can be lifted and then they slide on multiple wheels that enable easy movement and an effortless mode of operation. The characteristics of lift and slide doors are –

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  • It has a seamless open and close operation. They can be motorized and opened automatically. They can cover a span as large as 5000mm.
  • The Lift and Slide doors are a link between the inside and outside. They are expensive and are used in high end residential and commercial spaces. Since they slide on one side they are space saving when compared to openable doors.The door panels can slide to one side or slide into a pocket in the wall.
  • The panels of these doors are airtight hence they act as a good insulating surface for heat and sound.
  • The doors are not bulky and they give a very sleek contemporary look to the space. They are available in different colours and materials which can exactly match with the other door and window systems of the interior space.

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