What are the advantages of Aluminium Railings?

By: | October 06 , 2022

Aluminium railings are one of the most commonly used product for railing design. They are available in different grades of lightweight aluminium railings used for residential purpose and heavy weight used for industrial use.

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Aluminium Railings Advantages

The main advantages of using aluminium railings over wood and steel railings are –

  • It is a very light weight and durable product which ensures safety.
  • The light weight of aluminium railings allows easy installation at site.
  • It has a very low density and high ability to resist corrosion.
  • Aluminium is highly resistant to weathering. It shall never get damaged, rust or warp in the sun or rain.
  • It has a very low or no maintenance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It is more cost effective than other relative materials like wrought iron or steel.
  • The railings can be powder coated which further ensures durability.
  • They are available in different shapes, colours and sizes which makes aluminium railings very versatile.

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