Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Windows and Doors

By: | August 18 , 2022

Sliding windows and doors are extremely popular in current times and prevalent in most contemporary homes. These windows/doors open horizontally and glide horizontally along the window or door channels instead of up and own. They are often used to extend your room’s ambience by helping brighten up the room while providing unobstructed access to views both on the inside and the outside. Additionally, they help to add to the beauty quotient of your home. They are also perfect for houses facing a space crunch as even the sliding doors take much little space while opening.

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Sliding doors do have a number of advantages beyond aesthetics alone. Through this article, we are going to shed some light on the various advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors and windows so that you can avail of an informed decision before deciding whether they fit your requirements or not.

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Some of the main advantages of sliding doors and windows are :

  • Minimal maintenance

    In comparison to other forms of windows and doors, sliding windows and doors comprises of fewer parts thus resulting in less breakage. This also means it mandates lesser maintenance over time hence proving to be a cost-effective and hassle-free solution for most homes.

  • Durable

    Traditional windows consisting of springs and pulleys tend to wear out or fail over sustained usage and time. Sliding windows and doors don’t make use of these components for opening or closing thus making them robust and more durable over a period of time. Additionally, sliding doors and windows also make use of window glazing which further adds to their durability.

  • Energy efficiency

    Sliding windows and doors make use of top-notch window glazing which not only helps improve insulation but is energy efficient as well. This will result in lower energy bills over time, which in turn, will result in significant savings.  You will not only conserve money on your heating bills in the winter but also air-conditioning costs in the summer.

  • Easy to use.

    Sliding doors and windows are extremely easy to open and close while requiring minimal effort. They enable hassle-free operation and prove to be a boon for short walls. Instead of having to push them up, they glide along the frame with relative ease. Additionally, you can control the degree to which you want your door or window to be open as well. To open sliding doors or windows, all you have to do is release a latch and slide the window/door open.

  • Contemporary style

    Sliding doors and windows help add a bit of style and panache to any décor. Given their sleek and modern look, sliding windows and doors can help make a dramatic style statement.

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The disadvantages of sliding doors and windows are:

  • Cleaning

    Sliding doors and windows can be challenging to clean on the outside. Although cleaning them on the inside is relatively easier, sliding windows slide back and forth thus making it difficult to clean from the outside especially during winters.

  • Unlike other types of windows that can be tilted inside for easy cleaning, it can be tricky to clean the entirety of a sliding window or door especially if it’s perched on a higher level. However, the job can be completed with a ladder so it is not a serious problem.
  • There are also certain corners which are difficult to reach and access especially the channels which can lead to accumulation of dust, grime and dirt.
  • Fingerprints

    A lot of times, sliding doors and windows can become a fingerprint magnet as individuals tend to slide it open by touching the glass itself. This can prove to be quite an ordeal for the person who has to clean the windows because fingerprint marks can build up very quickly over time.

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