What Are the Benefits of a Exhaust Fan?

By: | September 30 , 2022
Exhaust Fans

What is Exhaust Fan?

One of the most common electrical appliances in your home and bathroom is the exhaust blades. Its primary purpose is to efficiently remove any moisture from the bathroom and also keep the ventilation open. These fans can also help eliminate the odors in the bathroom and control the same.

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If you’re wondering about the many use of exhaust fans, we’ve got them for you. They also add to the safety of your homes by eliminating fumes from the cleaning agents you use. They also help in improving the overall quality of the indoor air.

Benefits of Exhaust Fan

  • Remove odors – Whether you want to learn about the use of an exhaust fan in the kitchen or the bathroom, one of its primary tasks is to control odor. If there is an unpleasant odor in the bathroom, the smell can be drawn out with an exhaust blade. A sound ventilation system can help you keep the bathroom well-maintained and also offer a cleaner atmosphere for whoever uses it next.
  • Reducing humidity – Humidity reduction is another important aspect of a bathroom to be functioning well. Extreme humidity means the bathroom walls can have peeled paint and get damaged. One of the best advantages of an exhaust fan is to allow for lesser humidity. It can also cause the mold to end up accumulating, and it can be harder to get rid of.
  • Reducing airborne contaminants – Generally, aggressive chemicals are used to clean spaces, and these chemicals can cause health issues when inhaled. It can become a significant concern, especially for children and the elderly. If the bathroom is already facing a sort of mold problem, blades can also remove any spore build-up in the air. It also helps in slowing down the growth rate of the mold.
  • Eliminate foggy mirrors – The best exhaust fan for the kitchen can help remove any vapor on the walls and mirrors. These can also be selected basis the overall performance and the style and can make use of an exhaust fan in the bedroom.

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Types of Exhaust Blades

Different types of them come in styles. At McCoy Mart, you’ll enjoy some of the best brands for exhaust fans like Usha, Havells, and Crompton, all in one place.

Some of the features that come in today’s market include blades with lights, moisture/humidity sensors, heat lamps, etc. More often than not, the combination of blade and light is common, and certain products have recessed options that generally look like lights. These are also super easy to install if you’re opting for a ceiling version.

There are also timed ones that can be purchased, and they come with timer switches, which can reduce any mold build-up without the wastage of energy. There are also moisture sensing switches that can turn on and off the blades based on the bathroom’s humidity levels.

These can also be “smartly” operated, and you won’t need to have them run all day long. Humidity sensors also include a manual switch, but if the sensor is set up the right way, it should again turn off based on the humidity levels of the room.

When to Clean the Exhaust Fan?

One of the advantages of ceiling blades is that it doesn’t have to be cleaned too often. In case you do end up seeing some dust, then it is long overdue. If there’s more steam than usual, then you’re overdue as well. To test if it is efficient, you can hold a piece of toilet paper up to it. If it gets sucked up, then it is working well.

A good, functional bathroom fan is important because it means you, too, remain safe from impurities. You need to make sure that it is done instead of putting it away for later. Exchange and airflow are also necessary, and you must deep clean the blades once a year.

How to Clean It?

  • Turn the device off at the switch or circuit breaker so no electricity can be passed on.
  • Remove any cover and pull its cover down. If there are any metal clips or pins present on each side, you can squeeze them gently and also release the cover.
  • Wash the cover with warm water and some soap or even vacuum it to clean
  • Unplug any fixture that is present and, depending on the model, remove the visible motors or the screws for the in-depth cleaning process
  • Clean the surrounding parts of the motor or the blades with any damp cloth. If you don’t want to take the motor out, you can vacuum inside the housing and the motor.
  • Clean the surrounding area and the exhaust vent and make sure everything is dry before you replace the cover
  • You can then reinstall the exhaust and turn on the electricity after that and enjoy a more efficient and cleaner exhaust.

Where to buy an Exhaust Fan?

Head over to McCoyMart to get some of the best blades and accessories in the business delivered directly to you and enjoy a cleaner, more efficient home.

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