What are the common applications of silicone sealants?

By: | August 09 , 2022

Silicone Sealants are a very useful versatile product and have a wide range of applications in different industries like

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  • They are used in the construction Industry for joining glass, filling joints and in expansion joints.
  • Used in PVC doors and windows
  • Used as a waterproofing agent in bathrooms, kitchens and aquariums.
  • Roofing and plumbing applications.
  • HVAC applications for AC vents and AC ducting
  • Used in manufacture of appliances in the food industry
  • Used in Refrigeration Units
  • Used in the automotive and aviation industry as a light weight efficient sealing product.
  • Electrical appliances
  • Medical appliances

Silicone Sealants have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures which makes it an ideal bonding agent or sealant for manufacturing durable goods. High temperature Silicones are used in areas of high temperature performance like sealing and encapsulating heating elements, industrial Seals, high temperature duct work Industrial ovens etc.

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