What are the Waterproofing Materials & its Types

By: | November 01 , 2022

In simple words, waterproofing is a process of securing the home or any structure and make is strong enough to last for centuries. It is a process where damage control is done before the damage occurs.

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Therefore, it implies that the surface is treated from the damages of water. Thus in the process, there are several materials used that can either make the structured water-resistant or water repellent. This will act as insurance for the stricture and the objects that are in it.

What are Waterproofing Materials?

There are many varieties of watertight materials. Undoubtedly waterproofing will make a big difference in your life. If there is correct waterproofing, the structure will have significant issues. Considering the watertight is a vital step before starting the construction of the structure or settling in, there are different types of waterproofing materials available in the market. Depending on your needs, opt for the best option that suits your requirement.

Concrete, a composite construction material made with cement, aggregate, water, and admixture, comprises the largest of all humanmade construction materials. The substances used for the same creates a barrier for water from breaking in the surface and damaging it. Different places and countries have different watertight requirements, but practically all the walls, bathrooms, balconies, decks, basements, kitchens, roofs, terraces, pools, and water tanks require the substances safeguard.

Why is the Service Required for Concrete?

Concrete is porous, and thus the chances of water seeping in it are high. Therefore, watertighting will absorb the water and the waterborne contaminations or chemicals of any type that could harm the concrete.Waterproofing chemical for concrete are essential because many buildings have a drainage system and high ground topography or are situated in areas that are swampy or have high water tables. It is crucial to opt for watertight options to increase the house’s durability and strength in all the places.

The areas have an increased risk of getting affected by the water and result in corrosion. The areas near rivers or lakes have high rising water levels, and there is an additional problem of contamination that can affect the quality of life building there.

It is essential at below grade surfaces for varied reasons. However, the primary reason to opt for them is to protect the structural building from water filtration that could hamper the concrete’s quality and strength by corroding it. There is steel used massively in construction, and thus their presence of water or moisture can be devastating and therefore needs to be checked and kept under control. Also, the presence of chemicals in the interior or exterior of the building site can result in water damage.

Types of Waterproofing Materials:

Concrete is porous, and thus, preventing water seepage is essential and also resisting hydrostatic pressure.

Thus to make concrete waterproof from both exterior (positive) and interior (negative) side or from the concrete that is integral side the concrete itself, it is required. There are types of the technique, or the matter necessary here are a few of the options:

  • Admixtures
  • Crystalline admixtures
  • Sheet membrane system
  • Liquid applied membranes

Of all the listed above solutions, the best for concrete is admixtures or additives. Since the last few decades, it has evolved as the best option for watertighting and is being used worldwide. It is famous for being used as an on-batch on-site option and reacts chemically within the concrete, and the best aspect is that they convert the concrete itself in the water barrier. Thus at a very additional nominal cost and limited substances, the task is accomplished.

Therefore with a good adhesion from a reputed brand, the concrete surface is converted into a waterproof membrane, stopping any movement or leakage of water. The surface should be dry and clean before the application of the mixture. Special care should be given when there is an interface space between the concrete and membrane during the curing process. Before applying the mixture or additive, it should be ascertained that there is no dirt or grime or any chemical deposits.

Care should be exercised that below-grade surfaces require waterproofing; therefore, the water at the initial stage can prevent the cracks or lead to dampness. Essentially on a smooth surface free from honeycombs, holes, dust, dirt, depression, or other contamination, concrete with the additive is applied to create a barrier under an expert’s supervision.

Best Waterproofing Material for Concrete:

The key to success in the construction industry is that the right substances are used to make the structure and safeguard it. Watertighting with the best matterl from a reputed brand will assure the building’s safe keep for ages to come.

Best Brand for Waterproofing Materials

Several brands in the market present a variety of substances for the same task. However, it becomes challenging to select the best of the mentioned category products. However, with McCoyMart, you can choose the best category and reap the benefits it has to offer by improving your structure’s life.

Here you can find a wide array of collection of chemicals or other matters and a comparative analysis done for you so that selecting the best category becomes easier. Before ending, it is recommended that you navigate the site and then make an informed decision based on the comprehensive description that the site offers regarding the best type and the method along with the companies making it. Thus enhance the life of your structure with the help of the waterproofing materials.

Dr. Fixit is one of the pioneers and leading brand that presents the best quality of waterproofing materials. It has the best collection of different matters and selects the best available substances as per your requirement.

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