What are Windows Louvers?

By: | August 02 , 2022

Window Louvers are horizontal slats or blades that can be fixed or adjustable. Window louvers were in vogue in the 80s but they are still used in some modern homes. The louver blades could be made of aluminium, glass, or wood and could be automatic or be manually operated.

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Characteristics and Advantages of Window Louvers

The main characteristics and advantages of window louvers are –

  • The window louvers ensure maximum privacy while still allowing the flow of natural air, and light and providing ventilation. It acts as a good barrier against direct sunlight. Window louvers allow the penetration of a soft glow of diffused light that also cast interesting shadows on the interiors. Light can be filtered in different ways by rotating the louvers to different angles.
  • The main advantage of using window louvers is to protect the interiors from rain and at the same time keep the louvers open for ventilation. This is not possible in openable windows or sliding windows.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean. The shutters are hinged to the window frames which ensures good cleaning.
  • Window louvers do not fade the curtains, upholstery or carpets as they do not allow the penetration of direct sunlight.

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