What is a Porcelain Tile?

By: | September 27 , 2022

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that are fired at a very high temperature. They are available in various shapes, designs, colors and sizes.

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  • The process of hardening the tile at very high temperature makes the tile very hard, dense and strong. It is much stronger than a normal ceramic tile.
  • Porcelain tiles are made up of a denser kind of clay than used for ceramic tiles, sand and water. The tiles are made of natural materials hence they are very eco-friendly and do not intoxicate the environment during production of tiles.
  • The tiles are impervious and heavier than ceramic tiles.
  • The water absorption of Porcelain tiles is less than 0.5 %.This makes the tiles ideal for swimming pools.
  • They are very durable and do not wear and tear or crack easily.
  • Easy to clean and maintain and does not harbor fungus and germs. They are widely used in Bathrooms, kitchens, gardens , murals etc.
  • The tiles are manufactured by Dust Press method where the layers of clay are pressed to make a tile and then they are hardened.The tiles are available in the form of glazed and unglazed tiles.

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