What is a Rectified Tile?

By: | September 05 , 2022

Rectified tiles are tiles that are manufactured with lot of precision such that the length and breadth of the tile is same and they form a perfect square.

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  • During the manufacturing process one more step of grinding the tile is taken so that the edges have the same precise dimensions and are at ninety degrees to each other.
  • They are also known as ‘dimensionally stable tiles’ and ‘sharp edge tiles’. They have to be handled carefully as the sharp edges are likely to get chipped in case of rough handling.
  • The grinding is only done on the edges hence it is also called ‘edge treatment’. While rectifying the tiles only the length and width are taken into account and not the thickness of the tile.
  • These tiles are usually used in areas where grouting forms a design element in the tiles. The tiles are laid with a sleek grout of 1/8’’ which imparts a very smart and appealing look to the tiles. This look has become very popular among architects and designers nowadays.
  • Rectified tiles are usually more expensive than a non-rectified tile as they have to go through an extra step in the manufacturing process.

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