What is a Structural Sealant?

By: | November 03 , 2022

Structural Sealants are transparent electrometric adhesives with very good adhesion properties that are primarily used in the bonding of structural glazing. A Structural Sealant has the capability of transferring all static and dynamic loads which are endured by the glazing to the structure of the building through the silicone joint. The loads include wind loads and other impact loads. The characteristics of structural sealants are-

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  • They find their application in a large expanse of point fixed frameless glazing and allow unobstructed views of glass. They have replaced fasteners, bolts, nuts, and other welding processes
  • Structural Sealants are also widely used in the assembly, installation, and repair work of structural glazing. They cure very fast, are easy to implement, and do not create too much of a mess at the site.
  • Highly resistant to UV, durable, can endure extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures and has excellent weatherproof properties.
  • They form a very good elastomeric rubber bond that has flexible, durable, and water-tight properties.
  • It is a high-performance silicone adhesive used for attaching glass, stone, metal, ceramic, and composite panels to the metal structure of the building.

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