What is an Adhesive Tape?

By: | August 09 , 2022

Adhesive Tape is a narrow strip having a sticky layer as a backing material that sticks things together when light pressure is applied on it.Adhesive tape is usually made of fabric, paper, plastic, vinyl and is available in the form of a roll. They are available in different standard sizes as per their uses. They can be used for temporary adhesion as well as permanent adhesion. Adhesive Tapes are available as single sided tapes which allow adhesion on one side and double sided tapes in which adhesion happens back to back on both sides.

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The different types of commonly used adhesive tapes are –

  • Sticky Adhesive tape or transparent tapes that are widely used in everyday life.
  • Brown Tape that is used for carton packing.
  • Masking Tape which is used to protect wooden surfaces, tile edges and furniture during painting and polishing of services.
  • Electrical Tape used for electrical wiring, it is made of vinyl and is a bad conductor of electricity.
  • Surgical tape that is medically used for dressing of surgical wounds.

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