What is Ceramic Cladding?

By November 04 , 2019

Ceramic Tile Cladding is one the most common types of cladding and has been used since ages. The Ceramic tiles are available in unlimited colours, designs and textures which make it a very popular design option for cladding. Whenever ceramic cladding is clad on the building – first the substrate is first cleaned and made ready with adhesives after which the tile is fixed. Mechanical fasteners in the form of nuts and bolts can be also be fixed as an additional support so as to prevent the tile from falling from above and creating safety issues.

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The benefits of using ceramic tiles are as follows –

  • Ceramic Cladding is very durable, easy to clean and maintenance free.
  • It is resistant to external weather conditions, rain and pollution.
  • It has a very good appearance and aesthetic appeal and is usually used to refurbish old buildings by giving it a new look.
  • Ceramic cladding is nonflammable, scratch resistant and resistant to UV rays.
  • Good for Thermal insulation and has heat saving properties.
  • Very good for noise insulation.
  • Ceramic Cladding has relatively low weight and is cheaper than other cladding materials like Glass.