What is Brick Slip Cladding?

By November 04 , 2019

Brick Slip cladding is a non-load bearing skin attached to the building that combines the traditional look and warm feel of natural bricks. Brick slips are made of natural eco-friendly materials and then baked in the kiln. This type of cladding material is highly sustainable and widely used as a green building material. They are a very good ecological solution to cladding and no coloring agents are added to the bricks.

Using real bricks to create a natural looking façade is a cumbersome process. The bricks are very heavy to use and they are so thick that they tend to block too much space. Hence the concept of thin brick slip tiles was brought so as to replace brick masonry and replicate the looks of conventional bricks. It is a lightweight construction technique with the added appeal of traditional brickwork.

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During the manufacturing process extruded clay is cut down to standard sizes and slim profiles, the extruded brick slips go through a brick kiln to convert into brick slip tiles.In many cases the brick slip cladding can be cut from aged reclaimed bricks. In such case the bricks are collected from dismantled buildings, then they are cleaned, processed and cut  into brick slip tiles.

Advantages of Brick Slip Cladding –

  • They replicate the natural look of real bricks.
  • They are light in weight and used as a cladding material. It is nearly one third the weight of natural bricks.
  • The bricks slips are of accurate sizes and thickness hence they give a very good finish and have good adhesion properties to the substrate. The speed of installation of brick slips is very fast and easy, it is very similar to the speed of fixing of conventional tiling.
  • They are suitable for both external and internal wall applications.
  • They also find their application as a fine finish for external wall insulation. In this case the normal brick slip tiles are attached to an insulating layer of polyurethane foam to form a good thermal insulation cladding for the walls.
  • The Brick slip cladding is a highly durable and maintenance free material. It prevents the building structure from wear and tear and from the effects of extreme heat or cold.
  • Brick Slip cladding is non-combustible and hence fire resistant.
  • The Brick slips are vapor-permeable and allow the walls to breathe. Hence they can be easily applied on traditional plaster surfaces or used as an insulating material.

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Installation of Brick Slip Cladding-

  • The brick slip claddings are slices of natural thin bricks tiles that are installed very similar to the way tiles are installed.
  • They are applied horizontally on the wall surface and not on top of each other in the way traditional bricks are placed.

Insulated Brick Slip Cladding

Brick slip cladding can also act as an insulated cladding material. This has the benefit of having an insulated layer inside and natural looking brick surface on the outside.

The composition of such an insulated brick slip cladding includes a layer of quartz sand applied on the tile followed by a layer of 40mm polyurethane foam to form an insulated tile material.