What is Brick Slip Cladding?

By: | September 22 , 2022

With the feature of high reliability, bricks continue to remain the top choice of architects for renovating or designing homes. But when you want to give the perfect finishing to the exterior of your building in less time, brick slip cladding is what you should go for. Brick slips are emerging as the latest trend of updating your home’s exterior and giving it a new look in much less time. Without having to go through the time-consuming process of constructing a wall, brick slip cladding is the modern approach to giving a new look to your interior.

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Wondering what is brick slip cladding? It is actually a cost-effective way of providing the look as well as the feel of traditional bricks to your building without the use of real bricks. Brick slip cladding is a lightweight skin attached to your building that offers a natural look. The brick slips are usually made from eco-friendly materials. Brick slip cladding is becoming a popular lightweight construction technique. By replacing the cumbersome process and replicating the natural brickwork, it offers your building an appealing look.

Benefits of Brick Slip Cladding

The number of benefits that brick slip cladding offer is the main reason for its growing demand. Here are some of the top benefits that brick slip claddings offer:

  1. Provides a Natural Look

    One of the prominent benefits of the brick slip cladding is its ability to exactly replicate the look of real bricks. While constructing a facade with the use of real bricks takes a lot of time energy, brick slips are a better alternative. With brick slip cladding, you can get the desired traditional look. It offers such a natural look that it becomes difficult for others to differentiate whether the bricks are real or not.

  2. Lightweight and Saves Space

    While bricks are very heavy, the brick slips weigh only one-third of the natural bricks. Moreover, the real bricks take more space, thereby blocking a significant portion of your building. On the other hand, brick slips can help in saving a lot of space. As they are very slim and take up only the front face of real bricks, they can offer you with more functional space. Due to the lightweight and space-saving feature, it is easier to use the brick slips and for complex designs that may not be possible with real bricks.

  3. Versatile Application

    The brick slip claddings can be used for a number of applications. It is an ideal option for both internal as well as external wall applications. Brick slip cladding also finds use as a fine finish for insulating your external walls.

  4. Easy to Install

    Easy installation of the brick slip cladding is another benefit for the homeowners. With good adhesive properties, it can easily be applied to the pre-existing walls. It helps in increasing the speed of installation. With brick slip cladding, you can easily get a new look of the interior or exterior of your house in no time.

  5. Durability

    For people who know what is brick slip cladding, durability is a major reason for installing them at their home. As such, claddings have high resistance to extreme weather conditions; they can help in preventing your building from potential wear and tear. The non-combustible features of this cladding further offer your building protection against fire.

  6. Variety of Options

    The availability of a wide variety of brick slip cladding is yet another benefit. As they are available in different sizes, thickness, and textures, you can select the one that meets your requirements.

Having knowledge of what is brick slip cladding and its numerous benefits can help you enhance the look of your house easily. Apart from a new look with a traditional touch, the claddings can offer optimum protection to your building.

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