Know the different types of cladding and its benefits

By: | September 12 , 2022

Cladding is a popular term used in the industry of construction. The process of cladding involves multiple coatings on the building materials to increase aesthetic and safety factors. For cladding, there are many materials that come used, such as stones, metal, plastic, wood, and others. Every single material comes with a diverse range of options for the choice of the customers.

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For example, the wood cladding comes with options such as pine, cedar, plywood, and other cladding options, the metal cladding comes with aluminum or steel cladding options and many more. In this article, you will know about some of the types of cladding along with its benefits for which the people prefer cladding for their construction work.

Different Types of Cladding

There are several different types of cladding options available for the customers or clients to choose for their construction projects. Here are the details on some of the cladding types:

Curtain Walling

The curtain walling cladding is meant for the external walls and goes perfect with the multi-story buildings. The preferable material for curtain walling is aluminum and has the gazing panels that add shine to it.

Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is one of the most commonly preferred cladding options that use timber softwoods. These softwoods are free from knots and are resistant to moisture and decaying aspects. The timber cladding allows it to be painted to create a better look.

Metal Cladding

The metal cladding process involves metal sheets that are manufactured in half-round, sinusoidal, trapezoidal, and other forms to give it an aesthetic look.

Tensile-fabric Covering

The fabric undergoes a tensile strain to form a three-dimensional surface for shading, roofing, and other applications. This cladding process uses very less material as compared to other methods though they are pocket-friendly but have a lesser lifespan than other methods.

UPVC cladding

The uPVC cladding option is the cheapest and is a quality option for the clients or customers to avail of. There are very few detailing requirements in this process and also comes with fewer maintenance needs. The color of the uPVC cladding can deteriorate with time, but it can be restored with little maintenance efforts.

These are just a few of the many types of cladding that are popularly used in several construction projects all across the globe. Some of the other types of cladding are Brick slips, Tile hanging, Rain screen, Patent Glazing, Sandwich panels, and others.

Benefits of availing cladding work on construction projects

  1. Better protection and safeguard aspects

    What is cladding and why you must use it in construction projects? The prime reason for which the cladding becomes a legit option is that it guarantees a protective layer for the building. It happens as the process of cladding adds strength to the mechanical properties of the building and protects it from damage due to interaction with various elements. The buildings without the implementation of cladding experience crack due to a change in climate and high temperature.

    Cladding protects the building from such aspects along with sunlight and water absorption damage threats. Cladding jobs will also help the building attain protection against pollution, winds, mould, humidity, and rain. Protection is the first and the most important reason amongst all for preferring cladding as a must-to-have job in construction projects.

  2. The maintenance requirement is low

    The second beneficiary outcome of implementing cladding on to the buildings is that it requires fewer maintenance efforts. Cladding requires less repairing as well as cleaning to keep it new and fresh. The cladding process is also used for canopies, roofs, and facades that remain open to weather calamities.

    The cladding process is durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions without causing much damage. All types of claddings are convenient and beneficial when installing properly under expert supervision. They require less maintenance that reduces the cost of repair or replacement in the long run.

  3. It gives an aesthetic feel to the buildings

    Give time on choosing the right cladding option for your building as the aesthetic aspect also matters in defining the look of the building. With a better aesthetic appeal of the building, you will eventually get a higher market value of your property during the time of selling. It is the sole reason for which the cladding architects and manufacturers are developing new and modern styles for new and innovative building designs. Use different types of cladding, such as metal or timber, to give a fresh look to your property even after a long tenure.

    These are a few of the information that answers your question, “What is cladding?” Many top manufacturers deal in different types of cladding processes for ensuring quality manufacturing and implementation. If you want to get an aesthetic look for your property, then go ahead and avail cladding methodology today onto your construction projects to avail of quality at a reasonable price.

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