What is Daylighting?

By: | September 30 , 2022

Daylight is a combination of natural sunlight and diffused sunlight. Good buildings are usually designed so as to allow the maximum penetration of daylight into the building and avail of the abundance of natural resources making the building energy efficient.

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The benefits of daylighting and natural light are that it has a very good psychological impact on the occupants.  It enhances the well-being, increases the productivity and improves the energy levels of the occupants. It is seen if people work within closed spaces illuminated with artificial light they tend to feel sleepy and lazy.Sunlight is also a very good medium to kill bacteria.A Good building design incorporates the follows.

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  • Maximum Daylighting can be introduced with the building using a good ratio between the walls and open windows as specified by the building codes.
  • A High Performance glazing system should be used which increases the penetration of sunlight but reduces any heat gain.
  • Skylights are introduced in the buildings so as to allow the penetration of sunlight from the roof.
  • The artificial lighting should be well controlled with respect to natural light. The Building automation systems can control the lights and raising their lighting intensity with respect to the natural light which is available in the building interiors.
  • Energy saving as the electricity loads and the cooling loads could be controlled reducing one third of the electricity cost.


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