What is Fire Rated Glass?

By: | August 18 , 2022

Fire Rated Glass are specially treated glass that are used to prevent the spread of smoke , flames and fire and in the  case of fire this glass allow visibility.

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Off late with globalization there has been a change in architecture and built space. The interiors of residences, commercial and recreational spaces are closed within beautiful facades; this has a major safety drawback. Fire safety is the prime requisite for most of these buildings as fire can spread within seconds through the common air conditioning ducting within seconds and engulfing the space with fire.

Hence fire could be a hazard and the use of fire safety materials becomes very important so as to make the building fire safe.

Fire Rated glass is widely used in fire safe buildings , the characteristics of fire rated glass are –

  • Fire Rated glass have a resistance of 90 minutes to 120 minutes in a 1000 degree furnace.
  • They do not explode at high temperatures.
  • Prevents spread of smoke, toxic flames and fire giving enough time for evacuation.
  • Allow visibility through the glass.

The types of glass that are fire safe are Specially Tempered glass , Wired Glass , Ceramic glass and laminated glass or intumescent glass.

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