What is Firestop Sealant?

By: | July 18 , 2022

Firestop sealants are primarily used in the fire-resistant walls that are fabricated in fire-rated buildings. These sealants are resistant to smoke, heat, water and fire.It prevents the spread of fire and gives enough time for the safe evacuation of the occupants. It is a method of passive fire protection that localizes the fire, smoke and toxic gases to a certain area of origin and prevents further penetration. Compartmentalization plays a key role in preventing the spread of fire.

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The Intumescent and elastomeric materials are used for firestop silicone sealants. The properties of Intumescent materials are that they expand in the presence of heat and in case of fire protect the combustible and non-combustible fire penetration from spreading for around 4 hours.

Firestop sealants are designed to restore the fire rating properties of a wall in case there is an unprotected opening due to electrical wire penetration, mechanical penetration, the joint between the floor and the wall, or any opening caused due to maintenance.

They can also be used in HVAC ducts, cable penetrations, and sanitary fixture penetrations in concrete, masonry, or drywalls. Firestop sealants are also available in the form of sprays.

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