What is Terracotta Cladding?

By: | September 16 , 2022

For centuries, terracotta cladding has been popular for its natural texture, flexibility in design, and high durability. Being made of only clay and water, it is a 100% natural material. When you want to give a unique look to your building, terracotta claddings are the best option. Moreover, these claddings can ensure a perfect blend with other materials like stone surfaces, glass, and more to ensure a perfect look for the exterior of your home. With a flawless finish, it can be a better alternative to exposed brick masonry.

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Benefits of Terracotta Wall Cladding

Now that you are clear of about the above type of claddings, knowing its various benefits is important. Here are some of the notable benefits of terracotta cladding.

Provides an Aesthetic Appeal

It can help in adding beauty to your home the best. Whether you want to have this wall cladding for a heritage building or a modern building, it can ensure the best aesthetic appeal. With a smooth finish, it can enhance the overall look of the building.


High durability is yet another great benefit of terracotta wall cladding. It can last for some long years without any damage. As it is weather-resistant, it can easily withstand the harsh weather conditions. It is also resistant to the powerful UV rays, thereby protecting the color of the building from fading fast. In addition, as it is made of non-flammable materials, it is even resistant to fires and ensures optimum protection of the building.

Low Maintenance

This cladding requires very little maintenance. You do not have to dust the surface of this cladding at frequent intervals. With a power wash in 2 to 3 years or even longer period, it can restore the fresh and natural look of the building. It helps in saving your time, efforts, as well as maintenance costs.

Energy Savings

It can provide you with great energy savings too.

They can help in preventing the absorption of heat to the interiors. By reducing the thermal transfer to your building, it helps in keeping the temperature low, thereby reducing your energy consumption.

Eco-Friendly and Safe

As it is made of 100% clay, it is an eco-friendly choice. It is sustainable and can be easily recycled. Moreover, it is also a safe choice. It has a Class A fireproof rating, which ensures that it will not catch fire and offers protection to the occupants.

Easy Application

These type of claddings can be easily applied to the buildings. It also requires very little time for its application.

While there are different types of terracotta claddings available, you can choose the best one for your building. After knowing what is terracotta cladding and its benefits, making a smart choice becomes easy. With this cladding, you can easily make your building more attractive and appealing. The long list of benefits of these cladding further makes it a popular choice among a number of house owners.

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