What is Frosted Glass?

    By August 31 , 2016

    Frosted glass

    Frosted Glass is a kind of glass that is produced by the technique of sandblasting and acid etching. It is widely used in the external windows and internal partitions. The main characteristic of frosted glass is that it makes the glass translucent by scattering and transferring light. Extensive use of frosted glass creates a very strong design statement in the interiors.

    Advantages of Frosted Glass

    The advantages of using frosted glass are –

    • Frosted glass allows visual privacy while still allowing penetration of natural light. Hence it is widely used in toilet windows and partitions of shower cubicles.
    • It is widely used in the covers of light bulbs as they uniformly distribute light in an even manner.
    • Frosted Glass can be used as an alternate to curtains and venetian blinds.
    • Frosted glass is a form of handcrafted art glass in which many designs, patterns and colours can be achieved.
    • It can lessen sun glare but not the illumination level of natural light. Hence it helps in increasing the efficiency of the Building.
    • Enhances privacy and security.
    • Etched glass gives a very stylish appeal to the interiors.It can also be used in cabinet design.
    • The look of etched glass can also be achieved in glass films.

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