What is Insulating Glass?

By: | November 01 , 2019

Double Glazing or Triple Glazing glass is known as Insulating glass. These Glass panes are separated by a spacer bar, then filled with dehydrated air or gases like argon or krypton and then sealed with a sealant to form a single glass unit. These glass units keep the interiors warmer in winter and cooler in summer Insulating Glass increases the thermal performance of the building by preventing the loss of energy and reducing the air conditioning and heating costs of the building. This glass allows full penetration of natural light into the interiors of the building yet reducing any heat or solar gain. They are also used in areas to reduce noise pollution.

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Different types of glass like tinted glass, Low E glass, and laminated glass could be combined to form Insulating Glass.

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The areas where Insulating Glass is widely used is in fixed and openable windows in commercial and residential spaces , curtain walls and overhead Glazing to name a few.

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Utmost Care should be taken in manufacturing of Insulating Glass. In case of bad workmanship or bad sealing of gaps there are chances that the inert gas between the glass panes might leak.

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