How to Clean The Kitchen Chimney at Home

By: | November 11 , 2022
clean kitchen chimney at home

Chi-ma-ney, chi-ma-ney
Happy happy chi-ma-ney
Walk into my kitchen and swish off all the smoke,
Wash up all the odours
So no one gets sick
We will tell `em how we bathe you in soda And vinegar
Then you`re all correct and wise agin
Ready to absorb more and more and more…

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A kitchen chimney was always a necessity, with all the goofy smells and grime and smoke that the meals produced in making. Especially our very Indian curries and daals. The chimney must be regularly cleaned for it to work afresh, all the soot and accumulated grime gone.
Here we tell you a few cleaning tips on what and how to of cleaning a chimney.

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1. Dishwashing Liquid

dishwashing liquid

Grease stains removed, oil washed up
Here comes the dishwashing liquid.
Out with the filters
Apply the fresh liquid.
Boil some water
Dip in the filters.
Keep it dipped for an hour or two
Take it out quickly and
Go scrub-scrub-scrub
With a gentle- soft- scrubber.
And if you happen to have a b-i-g steel container
Keep the filter in in with the soapy st-uff
And put water in and let it boil
And for 30 long minutes, just go go go
And let it boil right through….
Remove and scrub away the dislodged muck…

Come again! Follow me! Where to? The Baking soda Room.

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2. Baking soda

baking soda

Yep! Baking soda, the kitchen aid is a brilliant cleanser removing all that grease. It is only mildly abrasive. Gives a shine to your filters.. You can add vinegar and salt to the Baking Soda and the result are to die for.You get oil and grease free chimney filters. So how do you go about this. Take a b-i-i-g tub. Fill it with hot boiling water. Add 2-3 tbsps of salt, the same of Baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the hot water. Immerse the filters into this. Keep for 1-2 hours. Your filters as good as new. Now take `em out and wipe dry with a cotton cloth after a gentle scrub with a soft scrubber. Keep to dry. Refit them in.

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3. Vinegar

Another way, same procedure is to use only vinegar. If you don`t have any of the other ingredients at home just go with the vinegar.

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Using paint thinner is another kind idea. You could also use nail-polish remover. This immediately takes care of the grease and oil stains on the filters.The procedure is as follows. Take a piece of cloth and let it absorb the thinner. Now scrub on the filters and other chimney parts. After a nice refreshing scrub, wash off with water and keep under the sun to Dry! Dry! Dry.

4. Caustic Soda

caustic soda

If the stains are too tough use caustic Soda instead. This is Sodium hydroxide, an alkali. Take a tray and place the filters in it. Sprinkle caustic soda on it. Now pour in hot boiling water. Let stay for a few hours. Take ot and sand to clean and let it dry.

Do not inhale the fumes that rise and do not touch the chemical with your hands. It is terribly corrosive.

So here was a neat and simple set of remedies for your kitchen chimney.

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