What is Louvre Panel?

By: | August 30 , 2022

Louvers are an arrangement of parallel metallic blades, slats, sleek glass panels or wooden connectors. The main function of louvered doors and windows is to allow the penetration of light and air while preventing the entry of water. The louvers could be fixed or movable louvers. The louvers could be moved with a metal lever or could be motorized. Louvered doors, windows and cabinet panels are widely used in both commercial and residential spaces in our everyday life –

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  • Metallic louvers are very common for the inflow and outflow of air and air conditioning in ventilation ducts and HVAC units.
  • Louvered Windows are widely used in Bathrooms so as to ensure privacy while allowing the inflow of light and air.
  • In kitchens some of the vegetable cabinets are louvered so that there is enough air circulation that prevents the vegetables like onions and potatoes to get rotten.
  • Most of the dustbin cabinets and shoe cabinets are louvered so as to prevent the foul smells from getting trapped inside the cabinets which might result in bacteria
  • Most of the cabinets having electronic devices that emit heat and are louvered.All electronic panels having the electronic mains are louvered.


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