What is Perimeter Protection?

By: | July 21 , 2022

Protecting Systems that protect a building from burglars with the use of mechanical and electronic equipment cum sensors is known as Perimeter protection. It is very important to enhance the security of certain buildings like banks, financial institutions,  residence of bureaucrats, housing societies and other areas where a huge amount of cash reserves are  stored from robbery, burglary attacks or any such risks.

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This system is part of the building automation and addresses to the indoor and outdoor security needs of the building. Through numerous perimeter protection systems one can take fast and appropriate action to stop intruders before any damage can be done.

In the Indoor protection systems the sensors are placed on the Entrances, Lift Fascia’s, doors and windows. Outdoor protection system involves sensors being installed in the building wall perimeters, fences, boundary walls and entrance gates.

The different devices and areas used for perimeter protection are access control systems, sensors on boundaries, biometric devices, fence detection systems, CCTV cameras ,microwave sensors ,glass break detectors etc.to name a few.

The CCTV cameras and sensors are located at strategic locations and raise the alarms if need arises.

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