Peek at the Different Types of Modular Kitchen Baskets

By: | September 28 , 2022
Types of Kitchen Baskets

Storing baskets are very important for your cooking room as they keep the house much more organized. Moreover, these items have become an integral part of modular kitchens too. Different types of kitchen baskets are made from stainless steel, and you can store different kinds of items in them. Before you buy, you must know about the available types so that you can get the right one for your use. Follow the article till the end to know more about the various Kitchen basket types.

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Here are the Different Types of Modular Kitchen Baskets

  • Plain Wire Basket

  • Thali Basket

  • Cutlery Basket

  • Cup Saucer Basket

  • Under-Sink Basket

  • Dish Draining Basket

  • Bottle Put Out

Plain Wire Basket

The plain wire models are the multipurpose ones that can be used for storing miscellaneous items. They are generally constructed out of stainless steel and have wired barriers that make the product’s structure. Commonly they are found in rectangular shapes and are available in many sizes. You can store any kind of cooking room stuff in them. They can even bear heavy items. In addition, they are the most inexpensive ones you can get for your cooking room.

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Thali Basket

While considering different Types of kitchen baskets, you must also check the plate cases. There are no households that are bereft of plates. So, you will compulsorily require a storing area to keep them properly. While some of these products are made from stainless steel, some are also available in plastic. They are very commonly traced in all households. These models are affordable and have separate sections to store the plates properly without a mess.

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Cutlery Basket

Another important item for your cooking room is the cutlery case. Cutleries are utensils that get easily meshed up. So, you need to keep them arranged properly. These containers will help you to do so. You can keep the knives, spoons, forks, and other items in them so that they do not fall. Some of the models come with barriers for storing items separately. Most of the models have a perforated sheet at the base so that there is no chance of falling as you properly keep them. They are also affordable and available in the market readily.

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Cup Saucer Basket

When you keep all your cooking utensils together, there is always a chance of messing them up. It also becomes problematic for you to get the correct one at the time you need. The cup and saucer storing unit can be of great use. Since these items are often made from ceramic or glass, you need to handle them with care. The cup saucer case can keep the items secured. The models come with different sections for storing cups and saucers separately. You can also store small plates in them for ease of use.

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Under-Sink Basket

Another storing unit that you can consider for your cooking room is the under-sink case. These models are a type less seen in houses but can be of great use. You can store soaps, scrubbers, detergents, and other items that you require during washing utensils. As the name suggests, they generally fit under the sink and are a very handy tool to use. They help you access the items quickly without messing with the look of your kitchen, as often it is a problem to store these items.

Dish Draining Basket

If you are an office goer, you will be highly benefited by this cooking room unit. However, you can also use these cases if you face a problem draining water from the utensils. There are separate sections and barriers for keeping various utensils in place so that water goes off them. The product has a tray at the bottom that helps in collecting the drained water. This model helps in keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

Bottle Pull Out

As you browse the Types of baskets in the modular kitchen, you must not miss the bottle rack. As the name suggests, you can store various cans and bottles in this storage unit. The case has enough height to store different cans of numerous sizes. You can store pickle containers, jam containers, sauce jars, and other bottles in this rack.

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