What is Powder Coating?

By: | November 02 , 2022

Powder Coating is the application of decorative and protective finishes or coating in the form of a free flowing powder onto metals, aluminium extrusions, machinery etc. The powder which is used for coating is a mixture of resins and pigments which are first melted and then electrostatically sprayed onto the substrate. The charged powder particles adhere to the substrate to form a uniform protective film. Powder Coating has become a very popular method of coating and is two times stronger than the commonly used paint.

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  • Powder coating has a wide range of colors, textures, finishes which enhance the characteristics of the substrate making them anti corrosive, anti-bacterial and stronger after coating.
  • Powder Coating is highly resistant to alkaline solutions hence is unaffected by Concrete. Powder Coating is extensively used in coating the framework of curtain wall glazing, hence in building construction concreting of upper floors and curtain framework of lower floors can happen simultaneously.
  • Powder coating is a very quick and cost effective method of coating. Minimum energy is required to coat the substrate along with a bare minimum wastage of raw material.
  • A very superior and uniform thickness of film is formed in Powder coating.

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