What is Rockwool?

By: | July 25 , 2016

Rockwool is also known as mineral wool or stone wool, it is formed when molten stone is heated to very high temperatures and then spun into thin and strong fibers. The main applications of Rockwool are-

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  • Rockwool has very good fire insulation properties as they not melt till very high temperatures which can be as high as 1000 degree centigrade.
  • Rockwool has very good acoustic properties as the fibers have several layers of air trapped within them. It lowers the sound of machinery and noise from human activities.
  • It has very good insulation properties and is specially used in HVAC ducting .It helps in reducing heat loss and noise reduction of the ducts.
  • It is a renewable material which is made from abundant natural resources. Rockwool can also be recycled.
  • It does not retain any moisture hence it prevents the risk of growth of any bacteria within it.
  • Rockwool is a highly durable material and retains its properties of stability and stiffness even in change of temperatures and humidity conditions.
  • It offers very quick and easy installation of the material and makes the building envelope or the interiors absolutely airtight.

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