What is Spray Paint & its Types?

By: | October 28 , 2022

What is spray paint?

Liquid colors that are available in aerosol cans are known as spray paints. There is a sprayer on the top that dispenses the paint while in use. It is the most popular and modern alternative to the traditional way of painting any surface. You don’t need a brush or roller while using spray paints. These colors are available in various finishes and textures, from glossy to matte. Even some of them are resistant to heat also.

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If you use drizzle color, you can shade any place very fast. They are very popular in DIY projects also. However, if you are wondering whether you need a primer or not, it depends on the type of pigment you are using. If you are confused about What spray paint to use on metal or other surfaces, read till the end to know more.

Glance through the numerous finishes the drizzle color cans has

If you desire a certain look, you must get the right type of color finish. Below are some of the types that are widely seen in the market.

Flat: Flat finish is similar to the matte finish that appears plain on the surface. It has no glossy texture.

Semi-gloss: As the name suggests, the color finish is between matte and gloss finish. It offers a shiny texture yet doesn’t appear to be overly glossy.

Glossy: Glossy finish gives you the desired shiny surface. They always suit areas that are always exposed.

High-gloss: As the name has, it provides you with an extra glossy texture than the natural gloss finish. It is one of the shiniest coatings that the drizzle color can offer.

Satin: This type of finish has a medium glow and low sheen finish. It is also popular for its eggshell color.

Metallic: Metallic color gives a reflective surface that seems like a metal. It is also a part of the glossy clan.

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Look at the various types of drizzle colors

  • General-purpose

  • Lacquer

  • Epoxy

  • High-heat

  • Chalkboard

  • Frosted

  • Enamel

  • Acrylic

  • Oil-based

  • Rust-preventive

Different types of spray paint are available, and you should know about them before buying. The selection of the spray paint type is very important because if you apply the wrong type, you cannot get the desired result. Below are the different types of drizzle colors that are available. Choose from them the one you need.

General-purpose: The all-purpose drizzle can be used on any indoor or outdoor surface and over different materials like wood, stone, and rocker.

Lacquer: The Lacquer shades make the surface durable and hard. However, they need to be applied in more layers and thus are not used much.

Epoxy: The Epoxy shades are not only resistant to household stains but also go household cleaners. It is a heavy shade filled with various adhesives and polymers.

High-heat: This paint, as the name suggests, can endure a large amount of heat up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. They are generally used on objects like ovens and stoves. It is also an ideal option of application on the exteriors of any item.

Chalkboard: The chalkboard shade is a special type of color that makes the surface ideal for you to write on. They can transform any surface into a dry-erase board. It is a perfect choice for many children’s rooms.

Frosted: Frosted colors make the surface semi-transparent or misty. They are used for privacy purposes so that none can see through the surface.

Enamel: Enamel colors give a very glossy finish and are hard to paint furniture and outdoor items. They can endure very harsh weather, so they have proper durability. The color even dries very fast.

Acrylic: Acrylic, as always, is a color that is resistant to water and has a durable finish. They are mostly used in automotive for better results.

Oil-based: They are not only resistant to chipping but also corrosion. Moreover, oil-based colors do not require a primer.

Rust-preventive: The rust-preventive shades have various finishes. They are applied over areas that tend to rust. Mostly they are a perfect choice for outdoor furniture and other metal surfaces.

These are the different drizzle paints that are available. While Spray paint use, remember to check your surface and then buy the type of color. Consider the paint color and finishing type also to get the best-desired result.

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