Powder Coating vs. PVDF Coating?

By: | October 04 , 2022

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) coatings and Powder coatings are widely used in the construction industry for the aluminum in curtain wall cladding. However the main differences between Powder Coating and PVDF Coatings are –

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  • PVDF coating is a resin based liquid coating system. Powder Coating is an electrostatic process in which the electrostatically charged powder is sprayed on the metal surface.
  • PVDF coating has high efficiency and finds its application in areas which are exposed to the external weather like the metal framework in building facades that need to retain their colour and gloss over a large period of time.PVDF Coatings are widely used in Curtain Wall framing and in skylights. However Powder Coating is susceptible to external wear and tear when exposed to the natural weather. Humidity, heat and oxidation cause the Powder coating to crack.
  • PVDF coating is more expensive than powder coating
  • PVDF coatings have higher durability than Powder Coatings.
  • Powder Coatings are stronger than PVDF Coatings.
  • Powder coatings are available in numerous choices and a wide variety of colours, textures, finishes. PVDF coatings are available only in matte finish,in order to get super gloss more layers of coating have to be added resulting in an increase in cost of material and application
Powder CoatingPowder Coating
PVDF CoatingPVDF Coating

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