Window Treatments Ideas to Keep Your House Cool In Summers

By: | August 04 , 2022

The summer heat is here and as the temperature rises so does your air conditioner usage as well. However, keeping your air conditioning on all the time is not feasible as it not only increases your electricity bills manifold but also proves detrimental to the environment as well. Moreover, air conditioners provide temporary respite while some of us don’t even have the luxury of an air conditioner. The good news is that homeowners can now make use of a whole variety of window treatments and coverings to keep their homes cool and their air conditioning expenses at a minimum.

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Types of Windows Treatment

Here are some window treatment ideas to minimize sources of heat and remove built-up heat from the inside.

  1. Blinds

    Blinds Window Treatment Ideas

    Blinds allow the homeowner to regulate how much air and light to let in. By using light-colored blinds, you can block out and reflect a lot of the incoming heat. Although blinds don’t provide any insulating properties, lowered reflective blinds can reduce solar heat gain by about 45 percent It’s also imperative you keep your blinds closed throughout the day for it to be the most effective. Furthermore, they can also be adjusted to block and reflect sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling thus helping produce a diffused, natural light for your room.

  2. Reflective Window Films

    Reflective Window Films

    By covering your windows with reflective films, you can successfully deflect direct sunlight and works best in hot climates. These films allow you to let the light in and keep the heat and damage out while also providing an economical way to maintain privacy, reduce glare, and minimize energy bills.

  3. Shades

    Window Shades Treatment Ideas

    Window shades provide a simple yet highly effective way to keep the heat out. They not only help in reducing solar heat gain but also provide an additional layer of insulation required to ward off the hot summer sun. Solar shades and Cellular honeycomb shades, in particular, have an outstanding sound absorption material which also helps in keeping your rooms quieter and more comfortable

  4. Awnings

    Awning Window Treatment Ideas

    Awnings come in a variety of materials and having an awning installed outside your window can help drastically reduce the amount of heat passing through, to the inside of a room. Awnings help your space from being overly exposed to heat, glare, and harsh weather conditions thus helping you save significantly on energy consumption and energy bills.

  5. Curtains and Drapes

    Curtain and Drapes

    On windows that get direct sunlight, the best thing is to keep your curtains and draperies closed as they effectively provide an extra barrier to radiant heat loss, while also adding insulation and reducing draughts. Curtains, especially light-colored ones, can cut direct solar heat gain by nearly 33 percent while also helping reduce heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors by up to 25 percent. Curtains are also available in a wide range of styles so you can pick one which seamlessly matches your refined tastes while also facilitating functional light control and privacy.

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