What is a Silicone Sealant?

By: | August 09 , 2022

Silicone Sealants are sealants that are in the form of tough and flexible rubber which remains flexible for years. They are specially designed to seal out water and find their use in water-prone areas like around a bathtub, shower screens, laundry sinks, roofs, gutters, vents, glass and aquariums.

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It is not as strong as some other sealants or adhesives but remains very flexible once it is fully dried or cured. This type of sealant can withstand very high temperatures making it ideal for applications that go through high heat exposure such as engine gaskets.

Silicones are extraordinarily versatile. They can bond materials together with enormous power as well as exceptional lightness and can be designed for permanent as well as temporary adhesion. The excellent adhesion properties of silicones come from their chemical structure. This allows them to bind together those kinds of materials that were traditionally difficult to unite – such as glass, metal and stone.

Complex units such as aircraft, motor vehicles and ships are ‘stuck’ together using silicone technology to achieve lightness while providing strength and absolute reliability.

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